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Ask HN: Where do HN people hangout online?
89 points by alpb on Dec 24, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 27 comments
Just wondering, is it possible to find people actively following HN on any online instant messaging platform like IRC or a web site? Are there any conveniences or common habbits you observed between communication of the users of this community?

The #startups channel in irc.freenode.net is full of HN'ers, and usually active.

Various stack-exchange sites. I'm more of a hardware type so the Electrical Engineering stack-exchange is the one I frequent most.

Google+ . I have over 200 people in my HN circle. Do a search here. There are threads where people put there info to add them.

On hn. This place is filled with people who love tech business and other interesting things like hiking, music, history and any other topics. It just so happens that hn is where they come to talk tech. The other places they go to hang out maybe totally outside of that. For example hn owns the vast majority of my on line time , then I spent a huge amount of time reading about religions, old scriptures etc and that has little to do w what we talk about here.

I (and a few others, I think) hang out in #cobol on irc.synirc.net (which is Something Awful's "Cavern Of COBOL" channel)

I like #cobol, even though there seems to be a surprising lack of programmer talk :D

blank g+ page for me

Freakin' g+ gives me a link to cut-n-paste, and it's broken.


I think. :)

#ruby or any other language's channel on freenode is a good bet.

I've been spending a lot of time on http://anybeat.com

Generally just http://webetalk.com and reddit.

we have a small group of HN readers showing off and helping each other on their projects over at http://www.virtualrockstars.com

Reddit: reddit.com

Quora, where else

oh, and StackOverflow, Github, Metaoptimize, some Twiter groups, a tiny bit of LinkedIn, and Facebook if I need to talk to my aunty

Can you invite me to Quora please?

Quora is open for registrations,not sure if this was valid only out of the US,but you just have to choose "login with facebook"

My memory is terrible, but I don't remember having to be invited to Quora, and I have an account.

Why do you need an invite? It is open to everybody.

Hmm, but it shows me I need an invite. Maybe because I'm not from US... http://cl.ly/2g18003S1D3q0v3p1P23

Invite sent. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas :)

weird - if you want an invite just email me at srmorrisonjit [at] gmail

People outside the US need an invite for some reason. Can't guess why.

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