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This is a Facebook-free Zone (scripting.com)
45 points by davewiner 2220 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

I have never got myself into the facebook train, and I haven't lost much.

But what it's starting to annoy me are the widgets. While I'm aware it's a very nice source of traffic, this is getting out of hand and the reason is simple: the iframes.

iframes are one of the slowest elements in HTML (in my personal experience) and while having one or two loading into your site, is not really a bad thing, it really adds up when you load 10 or more Just check Seth Godin's main page [http://sethgodin.typepad.com/], try to scroll down and look how it blocks your browser for a few seconds. I think that's a very bad experience.

When I started using Adblock, the web started loading a LOT faster without all the ads (loaded with an iframe). And now, I'm starting to block these widgets on a site basis (starting with Seth's blog, via adblock), but I'm sure pretty soon I'll have to block them all.

I think this is one of the main reasons Google Reader sucks so much: the Plus One button. It has no keyboard shortcut, it's slow to load, it freezes up the browser-- I had to create a Greasemonkey script to block them all and now the experience is a little bit better. Let me know if you want me to upload this GM user script.

What I'm trying to say is that if you're going to build a professional website/webapp in 2012, you'll have to consider mobile. And if it freezes my browser for a few seconds, imagine what would it be for my smartphone browser. I think here's a good idea for a startup: widgets without all the lag (and privacy concerns).

"Just check Seth Godin's main page"

Loads and runs lightning fast for me. Of course, I'm using RequestPolicy, so I don't have to load all of the third party crap that he includes from addme.com, google.com, sethgodin.com, facebook.com, quantserve.com, youtube.com, feedburner.com and scorecardresearch.com

How about you make it a Disqus free zone too?

Can you propose an alternative? I'm considering converting my blog to a static site with Octopress/Jekyll and need a commenting mechanism. I dislike Disqus as a user, but I know of no self-hosted alternative.

What's wrong with Disqus?

One disadvantage is since the comments are inserted with Javascript, certain robots have a hard time parsing them.

Other disadvantages:

You're handing over control of your user base to a third party. Some people don't like Disqus tracking them all over the web.

when i try to like your post, it asks me whether I would like to share it on facebook or twitter.

To fix this, the author of that website can go to the settings tab of his Disqus account and uncheck "Enable Like Buttons"

Thanks for the tip. I just turned off the Like buttons.

just mashed this together in ps: http://i.imgur.com/nW7ut.png somebody probably can improve a bit on shading and proportions - but you get the idea...

White on white doesn't look good. I'd suggest a red symbol instead. It also needs some aliasing.

Why is this on HN?

Up next: red-octothorpe-free zones.

I think its a great way to show people that they can link to a part of your web page.

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