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Really, you're not going to wait a few weeks and see if Google fixes things?

What if they don't "fix" things? Is it then okay to go ahead and boycott Google? I would say no. I would still say even if they did nothing about this that dropping all Google support would still be throwing the baby out with the bath water. I'd honestly be happy if they put out a simple statement explaining why they're going to sever ties or continue doing business with GoDaddy and just honestly explain why. As a business owner I know that you can't really control some of the people you do business with and you really need to pick your battles. Google dropping GoDaddy because they hold an unpopular opinion, however wrong it is, would actually look sort of bad for Google. The guys who are fighting censorship (Google) just severed ties with a business partner because they have a differing opinion actually seems a bit like censorship itself. "If you don't agree with me then I'm going to punish you" is what that sounds like. In any case, its unfortunate that Google ended up doing business with them but Google couldn't possibly know this would happen when they first partnered with them and severing ties now just feels wrong to me.

Why do you love GoDaddy? You're in an absolute tither about people exercising their right to deal with a merchant of their choice.

As for your argument about censoring the censors, it's daft.

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