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RexRollman 849 days ago | link | parent

Personally, I am amazed that anyone stayed with GoDaddy after the Seclists.org debacle. I switched to Gandi at that point and I have been really happy with them so far.

nick007 849 days ago | link

Seclists.org debacle? Link?


nknight 849 days ago | link


First hit for "seclists godaddy" on Google for me...


mahmoudimus 849 days ago | link

Oh my god, reading that made me envision SOPA passing.

Where a company, like MySpace, deems that one page on a large well respected website, like seclists.org, aggravates them -- they can just dns block it and it is no longer accessible.



Natsu 849 days ago | link

It cuts both ways. What if someone with nothing to lose found some way to take out sony.com or whatever? I hope that will never be possible, and I bet anyone trying that would end up in jail, but you never know.


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