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Wow. I mean, just wow.

> you seemed to first disqualify yourself as someone with expert knowledge,


> then offer a useless criticism of the basic technology the OP is using,

Where did I do that? The only thing I did (other than disqualifying myself as an expert), is:

> then offer an article that supported your negative opinion.

If you actually read the article I pointed to, you might have learned something about crashing Ruby processes that leave no trace, which -- the humanity -- is what the original problem description was.

> So after that, do you expect someone seeking expert help to click that link?

Why would you (or anyone) expect the article to be "supporting my negative opinion" when the accompanying text was "perhaps this is relevant to your case?". I am not, but Joe Damato _is_ an expert in debugging undebuggable situations. Read it, you might learn something about your favorite language that you are likely to learn nowhere else.

This article helped form my negative opinion of existing Ruby implementations. Your post, among others, helped me form my opinion of the Ruby community. I totally ignored the Zedshaw bashing of it, but I'm starting to think he had it spot on.

Downvote away folks.

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