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Ask HN: Close Integration with Tester?
3 points by PaulHoule 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
I really appreciate working with testers but the usual workflow for testing is something like

   [i make pull request] -> [manager makes change to test system] -> [tester tests it]
This cycle takes a while, at the very least an hour but sometimes a few days. I find I spend a good chunk of time testing things thoroughly before I send it through this workflow because I don't want to waste the time of the team and start a cycle because of a "stupid" error on my part. I feel though that if I worker closer to the tester I wouldn't be testing things myself so much and could spend more time designing, coding, etc.

I also find that I spend a significant amount of time setting up test data on my dev system. Sometimes it is maybe 10% of the effort on a task but it is sometimes 90%.

Has anyone worked in a situation where you have very close integration with a tester, that is, the tester is at a desk next to you and the cycle to throw something over to them is a few minutes instead of a few hours?

While I think it might still be good to work closer with a tester, I don't think it should replace testing one's own work in the way you seem to be describing. In my opinion testing our work is just part and parcel (rightly so) of being a good engineer.

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