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Intel Shows Off Its Android Smart Phone and Tablet for 2012 (technologyreview.com)
32 points by blinkingled on Dec 21, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

If these chips are able to outperform ARM, then it will put android in a very good position because their apps run on a VM. I am assuming these would show up only in android phones and windows 8 tablets? Would windows phone be able to use these, or are their apps native to ARM?

One exception: the vast majority of Android games use a portion of native code; which won't run on Intel chipsets without at least a recompile.

All WinPhone apps run on the .NET VM; however it's up to Microsoft what chips get used in Windows Phone devices. So far; the only SoC in Windows Phones has been the Snapdragon. It may be a while before we see other ARM chips used; much less x86. (This is excluding a theory that Win8 may possibly extend to phones as well)

But will it have a fan? :)

Kidding aside, this is good news. Competition is good for mobile.

Got to love a "reference design" that looks like a cheap knockoff of an iphone4.

Does it? It looks like an utterly generic smartphone to me.

This is something I don't understand about zealots. Help me out here:

Why is it perfectly ok to compromise your own common sense and intelligence for the sake of a company that:

1. Does not know who you are 2. Does not care who you are, rather only caring for your buying power

I'm writing this because I'm legitimately interested and I don't believe any rational person could truly dismiss any similarity to the iphone as outright as you have chosen to do.

No way. It's a black metal and glass slab with a silver antenna band around the edge. From the edge-on view it looks exactly like an iPhone.

That's probably because so many phones have copied the iPhone "slab" shape, they're starting to look generic.

well, they have exactly copied the antenna design and the rounded sim card slot, as well as the speaker outlet (only slightly larger holes for the speaker grille), and the buttons look exactly like the switch on my iphone 4. Power on switch exactly same.

It's a reference design, doubtful it will reach market. It looks rather generic to me.

How do you know they copied the antenna design? Because the outside rim looks like polished metal?

My phone has a rounded sim card slot and it most definitely does not look like an iPhone. Does Apple own the rounded sim card slot look now? Really?

Speaker grill too? I don't think Apple owns that one either. Although with the iPhone 4s the white ones have a different grill than the black ones for some reason.

I think this "everyone copies Apple" thing has gone far enough.

Hacker News - home of the Android Zealots, can't say something even slightly bad about android without being voted down. To me that phone looks very similar to an iphone 4. The apple iphone 4 has the outer rim as the antenna, looks like a similar design here.

I suppose the german court that claimed "the overall impression of the tablet was too similar to the design of Apple's iPad." totally took that out of the blue. Hire some designers, do something innovative like the nokia N9 and come back.

I'm happy to be written in grey also.

There is a growing base of HN users who are basically brainwashed into being a mouth piece for the latest Google or Apple marketing messages (i.e. Zealots) They're seriously degrading the quality of HN by not representing their own unique views, but rather rehashing some PR message supplied to them via Google/Apples significant PR efforts. (Both are astroturf.)

Even in this example where the sample design shares a high likeness to an iphone, which is an interesting point of discussion due to current events. The zealots still have to step in and make themselves heard, touting their loyalty to a brand which is just trying to sell them something, over their own common sense and intelligence.

Probably about time to realise that Google and Apple are two, somewhat similar USA tech companies who very likely don't give a fuck about any of you as individuals. This "war" between them is only about who can get your money.

I simply stated my opinion on the matter.

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