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I built it myself. It is in the form of a Fireworks extension. I lay out the levels inside of Fireworks and export both the art and the level as a package.

I will open source it eventually.

I am very interested in taking a look at your level builder.. i am even willing you pay for it :)

Also, are you available for freelance work? contact me at ob.ahmed[@]gmail[.]com

I was an early contributor to Cocos2d, Riq was always looking for a good level editor and produced his own eventually (http://www.sapusmedia.com/levelsvg/) but it was a bit limited. I'm sure he'd be interested in your work, have you reached out to him?

Knowing nothing about Fireworks, in what language did write the plugin?

Please post when you do, I'm just getting into cocos2d now trying to learn game development. Any tips/resources you can share? I'm working through this book http://www.learn-cocos2d.com/

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