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I hope Rovio sees this, finds it as hilarious as I did, keeps their head about them, then finds a way to work with you on developing the idea.

Unless it's freemium, I don't see why they wouldn't find it hilarious.

Charging or not charging for an infringing work isn't relevant. Personally I hope they give him a job with a hefty options grant.

There's no infringement here, the pigs look different and there doesn't seem to be any stolen art or something. So Rovio probably couldn't do anything anyway.

"So Rovio probably couldn't do anything anyway."

I've talked about this a few times on HN, but this is a huge pet peeve of mine. It's armchair litigating. Rovio could absolutely file a case against this developer. How far it would go would depend largely on the judge in the case. You can bet that Rovio would, if they decided to, file with a court that historically rules in favor of their position. This would mean that, at a minimum, this developer would have to retain counsel and pay the thousands of dollars it would cost to get the case dismissed (not a slow process). There would be depositions, discovery, inquiry, and a slew of other bullshit that comes along with being sued.

You see, this is how the game is played. It's not a matter of who is right or wrong. It's not even a matter of what the rules say. It's a matter of who has the bigger bank role to pay for attorneys that are good at playing the game.

I know because I've been in this scenario. Prior to the plaintiff filing suit against us, everyone said the same things:

"They don't have a case!"

"This is baseless, it will be thrown out!"

"What a stupid premise, they'll get laughed out of court!"

This was not from one or two people, and not from laymen. This was from virtually every attorney I talked to (6 of them). We're now 3 years in to the suit and the judge seems content to extend the trial date in to the year 2012. The courts are in the business of having people in court. Never forget it.

May I ask how much is this costing you or your company in legal fees?

We make a concerted effort to reduce legal fees by coordinating with our attorneys to do whatever footwork we can. On bad months, it will cost us $7k-$10k. On a relatively idle month, $2k.

wow, thats quite a bit, what is the hourly rate they charge

There's an argument that this counts as fair use case. And in that case, charging or not charging can make a difference.

I don't think Rovio have any grounds for complaint here. No trademarks are infringed.

It is freemium ($3 level pack), and has admob ads

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