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Violence erupts between workers and the police at Foxconn's plant in Zhengzhou (neowin.net)
49 points by JSDevOps 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Is irony the right word?

The workers of a transnational electronics manufacturing mega-corporation (that is based in the reactionary oppressors' home island) are rising up and fighting back against the apparatchik functionaries.

It has been stated by Peter Zeihan more than once that China has no effective Covid Vaccine, and that is why they have to resort to draconian lockdowns. I don't know if he's right or not, but it matches up with observed behavior over time.

If someone has evidence to the contrary, I'd like to hear it.

It's customary western MSM wank, if only PRC imported superior mRNA narrative.

mNRA data from HK/SKR/TW/SG extrapolated to PRC population = still millions of deaths and more from collapsed underdeveloped medical system. Post delta/omicron all vaccines are basically only good for preventing severe cases, instead of stopping prevention, for which PRC + boosters works as well as mRNA with benefits like no cold chain requirements and PRC controlled supply chains. The TLDR is there are no effective vaccines that "ends" covid by stopping transmission like originally promised. Vax only allows "living with covid"... except for the millions that can't. They die.

Reality is PRC resorts to draconian lock downs because it's superior to any vax out there, and - this is key - she has the state capacity to. Everyone else ended up "living with covid" because they had no choice. Looking like PRC can't sustain for much longer.

Even with vaccines, Covid still exists.

An easier explanation is that China is a relatively poor country that can't afford quality healthcare, and the dictatorship can't lose face by acknowledging widespread infection and poor outcomes.

Countries far poorer than China did not see anything like this.

Poorer countries tend to have a disproportionately younger population. China is relatively unique in that it's got a much older population skew, due to the one child policy, but it isn't a developed wealthy country. Not completely unique: Russia is in a similar demographic situation. But most poorer countries have a much smaller elderly population than China.

With respect, no one has an effective covid vaccine.

What's your definition of effective?

Prevents spread, like original mRNA claims, which pfizer admitted wasn't even tested for. All current vaccines merely prevents serious cases, that PRC traditional vaccines with booster is about as competent in, but will still lead to millions of death + more when limited medical resources overwhelmed.

Hence zero covid if sustainable > any current vaccine. A vaccine that prevents spread = dynamic zero / quarantining individuals instead of neighbourhoods would still be viable strategy. The alternative is do what everyone else does, living with covid, and assume % of elderly/vunerable population will die, which with PRC's population denominator = millions.

Each vaccination dose lowered your odds of going to hospital and then your odds of needing ICU care if you were in hospital and then of dying if you were in ICU. From a public health perspective the vaccine is a solution to China having a much higher death rate than a country without vaccination but with much higher health care capacity.

Current vax capability is a solution to PRC dealing with covid with 1-2 millions of deaths, maybe not as high as 3-5M estimated excess deaths in India but within that ball park. Issue remains PRC's health care capacity isn't sufficient to address wave severe vaxed cases on ICU, especially with unchecked spread in immune naive gen pop.

Politically, millions is still difficult proposition vs essentially none under onerous covid zero, which (IMO) PRC leadership was corned into sustaining by merely demonstrating that state possess the capacity to maintain. Until it can't due to resources or desire, which is where we are now.

The broader issue is most of world was constrained to the sole "solution" of living with covid because vax could prevent severe cases but not eliminate spread, whereas CCP has the difficulty of deciding from multiple solutions along the continuum of how fast to live with covid vs zero covid, and it looks like they're currently just "feeling the stones" for best approach. Reality the flexbility of having different solutions other than depending on vax = some solutions will be more wrong than others.

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