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Your point has not been proven. You should forget the meta stuff (python people are like this, django people are like that) and counter with arguments when someone attacks your point of view on the topic at hand. No one knows who you are, just say what you have to say (about the topic) based on your experience. If you draw conclusions, strengthen them with data if possible, or argue why you believe that they're valid. People will call you on them if they feel you're in the wrong. It doesn't mean they hate you. You should do the same.

Also, the tone on a keyboard is often easily abrasive. The pen is mightier than the sword. The keyboard is harsher than the mouth. Don't fall for the bait focus on the arguments.

The problem in part is with hackernews actually. I dont find it very conducive to good discussions. I rarely comment myself actually. Most comments seem to be he said/she said and argumentative. Im actually surpised people dont ask for this site to be improved. And i guess it never will. But it would be nice to have constructive conversations about these things rather then arguments.

On any site where there is a voting mechanism, you're going to have a certain amount of groupthink. And likewise, on nearly every such site (especially HN), complaining about being down voted is often like throwing gasoline on a fire.

There has been discussion about how to improve the site, sometimes from PG himself, sometimes from others. It isn't perfect, but in comparing the signal-to-noise ratio of HN to some of those other sites, I find that HN shines. Do you have any specific ideas on how to improve things here?

I've been following this comment thread and I have to say that I find most of the argumentative and/or confrontational attitudes to be a direct result of your complaining. If you don't like Django that is fine. But don't expect others, who not only use but may also contribute and have a strong vested interest in it, to sit by idly while you trash their work and belittle the character of their community.

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