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Seems that the biggest contributor to the Think Different concept was whoever created Nike's athlete ads. Think Different follows essentially the same style/format but instead starring athletes it stars historical figures. Really quite derivative.

Jobs even mentions the Nike ads in a talk about Think Different: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vNjpgLD0Xw

"Just do it" ads started in 1988, almost a decade before Think Different campaign, here's to compare:


Thanks for posting the Jobs' ad introduction, I've seen his talk before, but I as watched it after reading both the article and Isaacson's bio I saw something new and different.

I also have an impression that Rob Siltanen didn't remember correctly the Jobs' attire on that day as he saw him, that it was not actually a "black mock turtleneck" but a black sweater just like in the video.

I suppose in the sense that they are both celebrating greatness, they are similar, but Nike's ads were generally about celebrating great athletes and they filmed them performing while they were still in their prime for the express purpose of making an advertisement and paid them tons of money to do so. The Think Different campaign used historical figures and archival footage. As far as the style and format, montage is as old as Eisenstein, so in that sense, practically everything after him is "quite derivative."

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