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I though it was somebody giving advices on how to commit suicide successfully, an article I have needed sometimes but I keep missing (by successfully I mean without risk of ending fatally wounded but still alive, which will make your situation even worse). But it's yet another article trying to take the idea from your head with a list of phone numbers to call.

I think western civilization still have a rather wrong approach to the issue of somebody wanting to end his/her life voluntarily. I've felt in this situation many times (now I do, for example). I don't want advices about how beautiful life is, or why I need to change my mind, or how many people are there that loves me and that will suffer my loss. I know that. I know people will suffer, at least initially. But poeple like me, people who have no energy nor desire to go on living, are nothing but a burden to those sharing their life with. Yes, I'm depressed. Yes, I'm under medical treatment. Yes, my doctor have tried on me several different drugs and nothing have changed. I feel myself a failure and I don't think there is any chemical compound that will reprogram my brain to avoid feeling like that.

I just want to be able to exercise my free will of not going on with my life, without drama nor fanfare. But this is, for some reason, a society taboo.

I wasn't sure to share this with you (I'm sure very few people will understand my point of view).

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