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Nice to see HN promotes freely discussing ALL opinions with an open mind.

Oh wait, I see they don't. Apparently if you express opinions that others disagree with, the close minded fops want you banned.

Meh - if I get banned for disagreeing with the standard "poor baby" suicide line, so be it. I'll stick with discussions where EVERYONE is welcome to express their opinions.

You failed to notice your comment was as dumb as someone saying, "He's gay, he deserves to die of AIDS."

Mental illness is very real and can be just as devastating (if not more) than cancer or heart disease. Where a cancer victim's loved one will likely draw for support a man clinically depressed is more likely to be or feel alone. Depression can cost people their jobs, families and yes, their lives. Depression can last for years and even decades. Shame at themselves for feeling this way leads many men (less so women) to never seek proper treatment. After all they are just being "sad sacks".

Attitudes like yours lead sick people to needless deaths for a treatable, or at least manageable, condition.

I just wanted to reply and show my support. Whether I agree or not with what you said there is some definite closed-mindedness going on here.

Why downvote someone based on an opinion?

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