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I'm thankful someone wrote this. I've been seeing a lot of people talking about how depressed and/or suicidal and inadequate they feel quite frequently around here lately.

Suicide is a topic that people sometimes "take on" in a hamfisted attempt at some cheap feel-goodism, and the results are almost always counter-productive.

You can't rationalize away suicide via a blog post. More likely it will actually bring to mind something that might not have been front and center.

Forgotten that you're suicidal? Well raganwald is here to remind you.

I may come off as a giant ass downer saying this, but it's the cold hard truth. This does the opposite of good.

Debate about the benefits and hazards of posts like this is healthy. I'm choosing to leave it up, but I'm grateful that you are speaking up.

I think its true that you can't "rationalize away" suicidal thoughts but what you can do is provide an opportunity to recognize your or a loved one's extreme depression and start the process of getting help. That's how I read this post — as an attempt to provide an opportunity not a quick cure. For that IMO he ought to be commended.

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