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Poll: What would you like to see me build next?
15 points by ibagrak on Dec 12, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments
Having built LinkPeelr (http://linkpeelr.appspot.com) and Turn-O-Phrase (http://turn-o-phrase.appspot.com) I now find myself in a state of giddy excitement about what to build next.

Plenty ideas and confidence that I can do it, just need some feedback about what you think is viable as an app (setting the business behind it aside for a moment).

What do you think?

Timelines - Interactive web-based timeline builder. Basically a diagramming tool focused on making gorgeous timelines, project plans, roadmaps, etc.
49 points
TwitterContests - Twitter contest generator. Running a raffle or a giveaway on Twitter is a bitch. This app is a way to automate that. Set the criteria for winner selection, timing and ways to qualify, then collect analytics.
33 points
HairCue - Mobile app which allows you or your hairdresser to take pictures of you after a haircut so you always have something to refer to next time you go + social around that.
31 points
Re:Trip - TripIt application that generates a beautiful visualization of your travel history. Sharable and vanity driven. Already started work on this one.
15 points

Because I wouldn't use any of these, I'll tell you something I would like to see built. An elegant interface for my computer in my browser. http://mypc. Nice icons, structure, view folders and subfolders, and search. I hate having to have to switch apps and try to find a certain app or file or folder.

EDIT: This is not a web app.

None of these. I'm not trying to be rude--but other than TwitterContests none of these look promising.

So it is none of these or is it TwitterContests? Either way is fine. I just forgot to make a None option. You are not being rude, btw.


I'm with him. TwitterContests seem like it might have some use but you should devote yourself to something to a bit more interesting.

I like Haircue. When my wife gets a haircut she likes, she always wishes she has pics of it right then so she can show the hairdresser the next time (esp if she needs to use someone else for some reason). And she tells me it always looks best right in the salon.

Good vanity, sharing, social-ness to this one. And prob some sort of B2B angle with hairdressers as well from a monetization perspective.

I don't get this. I did this myself with an app called "Camera" already. When I go get my hair cut in a few days, I'm just going to say "Make it like this"

Ha. Good point. But I think with women at least (basing this observation on my wife/sisters), there is an element of sharing, i.e. "check out my new haircut" or "like my new haircut?" and so some central social way to do this could be good.

I'm not the demographic but if properly positioned, I could see women primarily using this.

I voted for Timelines by mistake, I wanted to vote for HairCue. There's a market for this, I guarantee it. If you can make it catch on.

My sister is a hair stylist, and I talked to her about apps, and she basically rattled off several different ones for every idea I had, and she even said she has tried to think of a few only to find several that already do everything.

There's no lack of competition, but can you get a stylist to make the app part of their daily business routine?

I like the idea of TwitterContests. I definitely could see the potential for using a contest on Twitter as a marketing tool!

Many businesses already do this. I see hundreds of SMBs running contests on Twitter every day. Usually you have to retweet and follow to enter, but there are some other rules too occasionally. It would be nice to automate that workflow and/or help them define it.

Yes, exactly. AppSumo has been running a lot of promotions recently that are based around social sharing in exchange for additional entries in whatever they are giving away. It would be interesting to automate the AppSumo deal process.

Well I tried to give away a meetup ticket on Twitter. You just had to be one of the next 10 people to follow me and Tweet about Turn-O-Phrase. It was a pain in the ass tracking all the followers and who said what.

FYI Twitter/FB contests are one of the services we offer, if there are any SMB's out there who are interested: http://venpop.com/socialmarketing/campaigns/

Thanks for sharing this! It looks interesting!

TwitterContests - because it solves a very specific problem and is one product you can probably monetize.

As a business, I like TwitterContests. On a personal level, I just got done with a long road trip and had been thinking it would be nice to have something along the lines of Re:Trip. Maybe an interactive map of the route with pictures I took at diff locations tagged all along it.

For the Timeline idea, something similar exists with <a href="https://www.lucidchart.com/>LucidChart</a>, which is an excellent app.

Wow. I never hoped to get statistically significant results. Thanks everyone for voting.

an inode cloud service, so that programmer can build their own dropbox on the cloud with private addons .

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