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I find the fact that the control sticks do not move together the most troubling design flaw. Bonin's actions were not obvious to the other two pilots, if the other pilot saw his stick pulled all the way back when he knows they need to get the nose down and pick up airspeed, he'd instantly know what was wrong. Instead he is looking at instruments and talking to the other pilot and is completely unaware of how self-inflicted the crisis is.

That, and the fact that the computer chooses to average inputs from the two sets of controls even when they're very different. One pilot pulling back, and the other pushing forward and the system just quietly averages them out rather than sounding another alarm?

This clearly looks like an anomaly that the plane should detect and correct. Or at least announce somehow. The computer should average only when controls are consistent with each other.

You never know what's the time when you have two clocks.

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