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Yes I am very lonely here, but it's interesting. I'd love to bring the tech and enterprise it crowds together and learn that we're really not that different.

Oracle is much worse from a sales/license perspective and a lot of my SAP customers are frustrated with them. Most of my customers have excellent relationships with their SAP account team.

On the ERP falling apart point - sorry but that's just not born out by fact. Project failures and system failures happen and most of the time that's caused by either using the wrong product, or by bad consulting - or poor support. I've never encountered a SAP ERP that has fallen apart.

SAP is a company with two CEOs - one sales and one technical, and they are definitely half a technology company. I really recommend you take a look at the tech they are producing. Of course they have to sell and market it - they have to turn a profit from all the R&D. Shame you have had a bad experience with the sales community.

To be clear, I don't consider it a "bad experience". It's my job to deal with the guys across the table. Let me play out for you every ERP negotiation ever:

Me: If the system fails to perform to spec within the anticipated implementation timeframe, we get our money back, or at least get to hold back part of the fee until you get it right.

ERP Licensor Finance Guy: We can't do that, for revenue recognition reasons.

Me: Why should my client care about your accounting? My client has a business to run. What happens when you're paid, and we have a box of nuts and bolts to show for millions of sunk dollars?

ERP Implementor Operations Guy: We've never had a problem in the entire history of our company. We're good guys. Trust us.

ERP Licensor Finance Guy: If you don't sign within a week, our discount comes off the table.

Me: Here we go again.

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