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I wrote a GUI system using FRP in OCaml. I found events + behaviors (and their Cartesian product) to work very well (with the notable exception that syntactic sugar for defining state machines would be a desirable addition), so I'm very curious to see what improvements you suggest.

By "post my thesis" presumably you mean on your website and not HN? (I'll never find it if it's just on HN.)

Who's your thesis advisor?

What was your project called? I remember reading a paper on an ML implementation of FRP (Reactive ML?); I'm curious if that was you. Also, yes, on my website.

I'm working with Stephen Chong. This isn't his primary research focus, but he is a really great adviser. Our PL group is really strong (I think :P), so I have lots of great resources around.

OCamlRT: http://fstutoring.com/~chris/programs/ocamlrt2_20100811.tgz No papers on it sadly, but it's fairly complete. I haven't touched it in a long long time though, other things having since demanded my attention.

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