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1 - You shouldn't re-use a name that already exists. Elm is a long existing mail client. Pick a different name.

2 - Is writing JavaScript really that hard to people that we need so many of these CoffeeScript like languages? JavaScript is really damn easy to write as is. The biggest pain is the DOM and there are various libraries to deal with that if you want.

You realize that this is nothing like CoffeeScript, except in compiling to JavaScript? The point of CoffeeScript is to iron out the kinks in JavaScript--it's basically JavaScript polished up in slightly different clothes.

This language, on the other hand, is completely different from JavaScript. Writing functional, reactive code is entirely dissimilar from writing idiomatic JavaScript. This isn't an attempt to make JavaScript easier to write--it's an attempt to bring an entirely different paradigm to the web.

Not only is the language completely different from JavaScript, but it also brings a new way of interacting with the DOM. Reactive programming can be used to model interfaces very neatly; it is probably a better way to interact with a web page than the DOM.

I suspect people used to OOP languages will (at least at first) find this one harder to use that JavaScript. On the other hand, the sort of people who are already using Haskell and the like will enjoy it. Also, a functional language like this tends to have more concise code and fewer opportunities for error--mutation is at the heart of a large number of bugs; limiting it removes most of these bugs.

Finally, just because JavaScript is already easy doesn't mean it couldn't be improved. In my experience, I tend to solve problems faster in Haskell than JavaScript; bringing that sort of programming to the web could make me a more productive web developer.

mutation is at the heart of a large number of bugs

You mean like this? http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Giant_ant_(Fallout_3)

I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for backing me up :)

This is not supposed to be only a JavaScript replacement. From what I see, JavaScript is just used as a really easy target for experimenting with functional reactive programming.

CoffeeScript is essentially JavaScript with a different syntax, while this is a completely different language that just happens to have JavaScript as it's primary build target (which makes a lot of sense if you think about Functional Reactive Programming).

I fear you may be missing the point.

1 - You shouldn't re-use a name that already exists. Elm is a long existing mail client. Pick a different name.

Doesn't matter. Elm is a unique name for a programming language. That something completely different exists with the same name doesn't make any difference to either project.

Besides, if Google can name a language Go, even though a programming language was already named Go!, then naming a programming language Elm, even though an email client is already called Elm, isn't nearly as confusing.

Google naming a language Go was also a terrible idea.

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