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What do you think about youtubers that do non-tutorials programming content?
1 point by shivajikobardan 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Youtube channels like "Internet made coder". What do you think about them?

I skip any HN post that goes to YouTube: which should tell you a bit about my opinion :)

I find video a terrible format for most any learning, where it's much harder to reference back any covered material, and while it takes over your computer screen, you don't have an ability to copy and paste stuff.

With a paper book, where you also can't copy and paste, you at least got your computer free to focus on applying what you are picking up in a book.

The ideal is—to me personally, since I know people differ—dense reference material followed by short examples in text form (eg HTML) that has good searchability and table of contents, and plenty of backreferences (<a> targets) you can bookmark.

You recommend some book for javascript to learn behind the scenes as well as understand it as a student than as a reference?

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