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Bootbox.js - alert, confirm and flexible dialogs for Twitter's bootstrap (paynedigital.com)
118 points by kjventura on Dec 6, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

Hi all - thanks for all the comments, great to see this article made it to Hacker News! Glad some more people are finding a use for the library. Feel free to get involved with the project on Github - not sure of HN etiquette so won't post the link but it's available via the article.



Nick, we love links, post away.

I guess on a site all about links I really should have figured that one out!

Main github repo: https://github.com/makeusabrew/bootbox

Issues list / feature requests: https://github.com/makeusabrew/bootbox/issues

And a bit of a rubbish demo: http://makeusabrew.github.com/bootbox/demo/



Hi Nick! Thanks for making this, I'm going to add it to a project right now.

One quick note -- it'd be cool if you had a big "find me on Github" button near the top, just for convenience. And so that people understand right away that it is a project they can easily download and mess around with.

You could even go for something snazzy like an unofficial Github watch or fork button:


Those unofficial watch / follow buttons are awesome! I'll definitely find a way to integrate one or both of them into articles which relate to Github repos. Cheers! :)

I ended up making something very similar to this for my current project, glad to know it wasn't just me. Mine's a bit more specialized to fit into my app as a module and is made to manage all modals (handy to have to manually manage making sure only one modal is shown at a time). Hopefully there are some spots I can contribute to here.

Sweet, twitter bootstrap is already awesome, and this makes it ... awesome-er! Lovely stuff.

Pretty cool. A nice exploration of what's possible with the framework

Thanks Nick! I'm one of the very first user of this from the day it was released and the one who shared it here. bootbox helped me a lot in my thesis web app! Cheers! Enjoy :)

This is really awesome! I'm just getting started on bootstrap and this looks like it's going to make things even easier. Thanks for your work!

Ah cool, my good buddy Nick made this!

is it just me that thinks dialog boxes sucks?

i don't want to get interrupted in my flow.

design so that you don't need something to pop up in the users face.

What's your point? Their JS for Modals doesn't let you create modals, just show/hide them and provide a few events.


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