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    > How is the state linking health care to employment?
During the second world war US wages were frozen. But there was an exception where you could provide employees with differing levels of health care. So that became a mechanism for competing for staff: it became common for companies to offer corporate health care at the same time that individual private health was dropping off because nobody had any money to afford it. This pushed the market towards group-based programs. After the war, public policy further cemented the patterns that had developed.

I understand that if you live in the US it's impractical to get private health insurance on an individual basis because there's low business in the space, meaning low competition, as well as the tax structures described by other commenters.

    > My understanding is that health care is linked to
    > employment because of the adverse selection problem that
    > occurs in a free market of individual health insurance
I'm not familiar with this effect, which isn't to say that it doesn't exist - don't know. Certainly there were healthy private health markets in countries I'm familiar with before the age of government intervention.

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