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Then the $19.95 home stem cell kit comes along the week after you die.

I think dhughes made a point here. I would choose option 2 not only because I have a chance to live longer, but also because there might be a treatment for my illness, which will be discovered in the future.

If the treatment allowed you to live over a decade longer then you could live long enough to get another treatment option, this has been true about AIDS drugs.

But if the treatment allowed me to live over a decade longer I'd also choose the treatment even if there was no chance of a new cure.

If the treatment only allows you two or so extra years, unless something is already in the late stages of coming to market, there is just no way any kind of drug or therapy for humans will get through even the earliest stages of approval in that kind of time frame.

At that point, it's probably still too late for you.

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