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Ordered List is a GitHubber (github.com)
249 points by tanoku on Dec 5, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

I was surprised that this acquisition includes Ordered List's products (SpeakerDeck and Gaug.es specifically). Assuming they don't get shut down, now Github can host your conference talks and provide analytics (built-in repo analytics anyone?) - in addition to hosting your wiki, bug tracker, code repository, and blog.

I think this could be HUGE for Github as they position themselves as the one stop shop for developers.

I can see six months down the line that every major conference is posting their collection of slide decks on Github. I can see tight integration with your repos and analytics ("See how this commit affects your conversion rate") and maybe even a "Start A/B test between these two branches" button.

They already do a fair amount of stats for repos, for example: https://github.com/github/hubot/graphs/impact

Right, but it's missing things like how many people viewed this project, how many people cloned it (not fork) after viewing, who is referring people to my project.

I wonder if http://lanyrd.com/ is next? I'd think github would love to have simonw on the team as well.

That would be a good target - I could also see interest in branching out into the careers/interviewing space as well.

That could allow them to swipe the business model out from under StackExchange.

I hadn't known about gaug.es before, will have to check that out. Notice that the post says:

    All Ordered List products are now GitHub products.
I take that to mean that gaug.es, speakerdeck, and harmony aren't going anywhere, i.e. this wasn't just a "talent acquisition", it's the combination of two profitable businesses joining forces.

I get warm and fuzzy seeing bootstrapped businesses grow.

From their blog post:

  What Happens to Your Products?

  GitHub cares about their customers, and they care about ours as well. 
  For the short term, it means that not much will change at all. In fact, 
  it means better, more frequent updates and feature additions, more stability, 
  and even better support.

  For the long term, just as before, we will continue to evolve our products 
  to best meet the needs of the market and our business.
Source: http://orderedlist.com/blog/articles/ordered-list-acquired-b...

What a brilliant acquisition. Five talented individuals with a proven record of building beautiful software together. Congrats to both parties.

I really like http://gaug.es/ and have been using it for quite a while. Clean, clear, crisp interface.

I hadn't heard about SpeakerDeck before. It's certainly a nicer viewing experience than SlideShare.

Really looking forward to all the awesome integration between GitHub and the Ordered List products.

As a Gaug.es user, I think my normal reaction to an acquisition would be negative. But I really trust GitHub because I know they make great things.

Looking forward to seeing these products improve (they are fantastic already!)

My favorite part about this is how awesomer the Internet is going to be.

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