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What struck me most was having multiple-choice answers on a math test... WTF?

You shouldn't be able to just guess the answers one-out-of-four. When I was in school (not in US) there never was such a thing. You simply solve the problem and write an answer, which usually is a simple number.

One of the easiest ways to take a multiple choice math test is to work backward from the given answers. You hardly even have to know what you're doing; just plug the answers into the question.

I don't think any of my classmates or teachers ever figured that out. They just thought I was smart for finishing early with 100% correct. Which, in a way, I guess I was, but not the way they thought.

"(E) None of the above" is an easy way to solve that problem and is commonly used on standardized tests.

He said that he got 10 out of 60 right. Unlucky or not, I hope it was a choice of five or six to get a score like that.

You can penalize guessing by subtracting a small fraction of a point for each missed problem (but not for those left blank). Easy to do, and with overwhelming statistical probability those who guess on everything will end up with a score close to zero.

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