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There are almost certainly people (laborers?) who are successful without having any knowledge taught in school at all.

Modern schools explicitly aren't vocational, they don't even claim to strive to teach skills that can be directly applied to jobs, the point is that it is useful to understand how to learn and think about things well. They also provide exposure and opportunity; there are plenty of jobs that do require these skills (or more accurately, require skills for which learning these skills is a prerequisite), and if we didn't teach them to everyone then the children of laborers would end up as laborers even when they are capable and interested in being rocket scientists.

You are disagreeing with the premise - that the skills being measured are not necessary. I nominally agree with you.

But I'm asking people who agree with the premise whether they also agree with the logical conclusion - if the tested skills are unnecessary for most/all, why not stop teaching them, fire teachers and reduce spending on education commensurately?

I did make a claim about how it makes sense even if the skills aren't directly applicable to any profession.

I understood the claim to be "the skills being measure are not necessary" to mean "you don't need the skills to be successful" which I do agree with. That is a completely different claim than the idea that that the skills are useless, the skills are only useful to some (significant) subset of the population, and I argue that we should teach them even to people that they will be useless for to force feed them an opportunity that they might otherwise have ignored as a possibility.

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