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What I found weird about Lockhart's lament is that my music theory classes were pretty much like the "nightmare" he describes in the intro. I didn't really consider them such a nightmare, so I never read the rest of the essay.

The difference with music theory is that you've listened to music and you already know the magic. Now you can take the time to take it apart and study it, and you probably won't forget the magic. To understand Lockhart's metaphor, you must also understand that in his metaphor, this is the student's only exposure to music. They don't listen to music three hours a day, it's not in the background of every movie they watch, etc. And instead of only interested people seeking out the theory, as in your case (and as it turns out, mine, I took 2 years as well), it's forced on everybody. For more than two years in college, too. You can't possibly have been in his nightmare.

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