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Show HN: Virtual Angel Investing market (built on AngelList) (angelsq.co)
97 points by railsjedi on Dec 5, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 24 comments

Team of 3 built this as a 24hour project for AngelHack.com. Judging starts in half hour! Wish us luck.

As you can see, we heavily exploited the Twitter Bootstrap css framework :).

Nice work Jacques! :)

Wait, someone took this game I built for TechCrunch Disrupt seriously? http://venturecrapital.us

you were most definitely our inspiration!

Wouldn't it be better if you could only "angel" before the company closes an actual angel round?

Piling onto known successes (über is given as an example somewhere) is easy and unrealistic (I couldn't get in if I wanted to now.)

Our success criteria matching will reward the first investors in newer companies. People who pick the already "hyped" companies can do ok, but they wont get much return if an exit occurs.

So... Not like actual angel investing?

Well, how angel investing should be :) Should reward finding good companies early, giving them some funds to get their valuations high, and have a high multiplier on the exits.

I think I'd like it better if it presented you with a list of startups to select from. Maybe some nice colorful buttons with the company logo or something that you can click to get more info about each company. You guys could either hand-select some or just show some random companies. That big search box turned me off, cuz I didn't know any companies to enter. You could still keep the search box for people who want it.

Excellent work. Bit confused though, what determines a good choice of a startup, from a bad choice? What is the game dynamic, once invested in a startup?

Every time a startup exits, it'll be marked as a "WIN" on your profile (if you got in early enough). The multiplier will be a best guess from a team of AngelSquare judges.

Humm, seems like a lot of waiting for an exit to happen. Would be interesting if you could do something in-between. Maybe if they get on TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, VentureBeat, or other milestones its points?

I love the idea. What if we had 5 startup picks a day, and if one of those startups is in your list, you get a reward? (more $$$ to invest)

Loving how easy it is to manage virtual investments on AngelLists. Following a startup only takes you so far

I'd love a way to see what other people are investing in, and perhaps follow their investments.

Would be nice to be able to use it without signing in...

Yep, you can! Any url on AngelList works on AngelSquare e.g. http://angelsq.co/uber-1

Sleek and simple interface. Nice work guys!

Thanks Ryan-Cheers to #Seattle

Sweet, hope the demo goes well!

Thanks-Start in an hour and fifteen..Probably will be live #angelhacksf

Rotisserie Angel Investing!

Depeche Mode fan?

cool concept

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