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I well understand your point, and I respectfully disagree.

There's a whole lot more practical knowledge outside of the technologies and tools that the programmers know about and use.

Some of the least educated folks I've worked with are arguably the smartest, and the most practical. Some of the most educated can be the most useless. You never really know what you're going to learn, and from who.

EMTs and firefighters or other folks working in other vocations outside of programming are commonly designing and building and experimenting; you'd be surprised what some of the folks have come up with.

As for the technologists, a lack of field skills or a lack of experience can work detriment of what the programmers are implementing. You need look no further than much of the medical equipment to realize how little the programmers involved truly knew about the problem. (And that's from my own experience using the devices, as well as many years of programming similar systems.)

Everybody thinks they're special, of course. And ego kills brains. Which was my point.

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