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"This isn't to say that we must all resign to this fate, but you're deluding yourself if you think that self-employment or startup work is all that much different at the end of the day."

The work may not be different. However, you have much more freedom in your choices and at the end of the day, your reward is much better for having to deal with boiler plates and life-sucking tasks.

I'm running a startup now and I've never felt like I've been wasting my life. I do, however, when I work for other people.

Yeah, exactly. It's not that I'm lazy. It's just that I want to do something meaningful and on my own terms. I have much more value to give to the world than I can express in a 40 hour a week coding job.

I crave the three elements of intrinsic motivation: Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose. More on that here: http://lateralaction.com/articles/dan-pink-rewards/

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