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Apple to Samsung: Don't make rectangular tablets (androidpolice.com)
19 points by sathishmanohar on Dec 4, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

When a lot of people were commenting that Apple doesn't want anyone else to make rectangular tablets or use rounded corners before, everyone thought they were exaggerating and joking. Apparently, Apple did actually believe that.

Maybe their design patents would make sense if someone made a tablet that is 99.5% alike, like some Chinese rip-off. But "rectangular" tablet? That's exactly like saying other car manufacturers shouldn't use round wheels.

No, it is not exactly that.

A car that doesn't move is not a car, it's a sculpture. A square tablet is a tablet.

Samsung's tablet looks nearly identical to Apple's tablet. Apple has provided a subset of things Samsung might consider in order to eliminate the near identical nature of their tablet. One alternative they propose to a non-rectangular tablet is to remove the rounded corners - i.e. ok, make it a rectangle but don't round the corners. Apple is not stating that Samsung must do all the suggestions they provide, only that they must create a tablet that is substantially dissimilar to Apple's tablet.

Is the near identical look of Apple's tablet the only possible look of a tablet? Of course not, and it's as simple as that.

This is ridiculous by Apple. If they pull this off I hope Palm come forward with the old Pilot 5000 with its rectangle shape, flat screen and rounded corners. I don't get why Apple can claim these features are all theirs and no-one else's.

Most interesting one:

- cluttered appearance

as a suggestion for what Samsung should do different from Apple. How condescending is that?

Apple lives somewhere up in a tree and thinks it can look down on everyone.

It's ok, they need to be taught a lesson and start showing some modesty. After all, Steve Jobs IS dead, why continue to promote the 'asshole company' image?

This drives me away from their products. I was actually contemplating buying a Mac laptop, but decided to go with a regular laptop and just use Linux on it.

Well, and is Apple seriously claiming a patent on the idea of being uncluttered? I'm pretty sure there's prior art... ;)

This reads like a list of things not to do if you want a sleek sexy product. Not that I'm surprised Apple would instruct their competition to design this way, I guess I was just expecting more subterfuge.

What device is this? http://cl.ly/3c0v082z1G393w0l2y39

That's a picture I took at a Sam's Club a couple of days ago. If you guys really think that this form factor is the be-all-end-all for tablet design, you're seriously, seriously deceiving yourselves. If you've spent any amount of time thinking critically about the differences between various forms of art--different buildings, different authors, different paintings, different sculptures--then you know there is such a thing as style that seems perfect locally but distinct globally. The argument is "how could it be otherwise?" But buildings haven't converged on one material, one look. Paintings are absolutely distinguishable between painters. Books are absolutely distinguishable between authors, even those with minimalist writing styles. Why? Because the works of art that make history are originals, not replicas [1].

Apple chose minimalism, and everybody acts like that is the only style available. It isn't. I'd love to see a circular tablet. I'd love to see a computer aesthetic that is absolutely embellished and ornamented. Might be cool and benefit me as a consumer. Let's please move away from this insistence that it can't be otherwise. It can.

[1] don't be pedantic

Clearly a Galaxy Tab.

The main issue with this case, for me at least, is not so much that Apple/Samsung/Motorola etc. are taking part in some sort of circle-jerk of litigation, but that the retarded judges are actually listening to them.

But then, seeing as Judges are nothing more than the lawyers that were scummy and deviously ambitious enough to rise to the top of a profession that is made up of immoral, unethical scum, I am amazed that anyone has any respect for them. Hell, Apple probably bribed that judge in Germany to ban the 10.1.

And to anyone who insists that lawyers "are smart really" rather than just people who possess a good memory for incredibly dull matters of procedure, the lawyers hired by Samsung in Germany prove you wrong. How did they not know they difference between their CLIENTS design and the competition? Did they not bother to look before?? Or did Apple bribe them?

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