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I often joke (with myself since I'm sad that way) that everyone must at some point make a productivity web-app. It's nice that Joe has made one that fixes a few things that annoy me about most.

Most are targeted at engineers first (Pivotal), at visually oriented organizers (Trello) or adapted for the specific team that wrote it's methods (like Thoughtbot's).

Luckily I'm at the "tool choice" stage of a new venture so I won't give my team whiplash by trying this one out. If it integrates with Campfire it'd be perfect.

Yep, it needs an API and webhooks.

Hey foca! :) What webhooks should we add? I have a few ideas, but would love more. API is in-progress. :)

Chat hooks! I want hipchat (or campfire, w/e) to say "Joe commented on…" etc. Specially new items, comments and status changes.

Then I could configure github to notify sprintly and sprintly to notify the chat, instead of getting all the pushes in the chat, which is too noisy IMO.

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