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I bailed halfway through the intro video. There was nothing wrong. It looks great. I'm just so very jaded about anything purported to manage... anything. Especially in a web app.

Haha! We feel you. Your response was pretty much exactly what my developer friends said to me. "I'd like to use the product management app that doesn't exist." ... That's why we worked so hard on the GitHub integration. It's basically a CLI interface to sprint.ly for developers. We also have pretty deep email integration for managers.

Vimeo doesn't allow one to skip ahead -- it should be hosted on youtube. (I have this problem with any vimeo vs youtube video.) Also, it looks like some of those popup boxes don't open when clicked until a delay happens. Looks slow. Ug.

Interestingly Vimeo does let you jump forward if you use their html5 player.

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