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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (October 2022)
57 points by whoishiring 7 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 163 comments
Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location, and whether remote work is a possibility.

Bonsai (YC W16) (https://www.hellobonsai.com) offers freelance contracts, proposals, invoices, etc.


PlantingSpace | REMOTE (Europe time) | https://planting.space We are a research and development startup, with an ambitious goal to build a system capable of understanding knowledge, to answer questions and get things done.

Our work leverages cutting-edge domains such as Probabilistic Programming and Applied Category Theory. Initially we’re focussed on building a system that can receive queries in natural or domain specific language, provide good answers and an insight into its reasoning.

We look for skills in:

- NLP & transformer models: to work on query parsing

- Software engineering (Julia): to build our core system

Useful experience: algorithms, Bayesian statistics, symbolic computing, optimization, category theory, information theory.

If you want to learn more about our company, get some insights into what it’s like to work in our team and participate in our retreats, check our out Join Us page: https://planting.space/joinus

To see a full list of openings, and to apply, follow this link: https://jobs.lever.co/planting.space

            *               ⠌                    ⠑
   `    ·      I am github.com/tombh       .   ·  .
    Full-stack engineer with 15+ years experiençe   '
   British digital nómad currently in S𖠶uth America
             .          '   ⠑         *            `
   ⠌Some of you may know me from https://brow.sh   `
      < the text-based terminal web browser />  ' 
    ᵗʰᵃᵗ'ˢ ᵇᵉᵉⁿ ᵒⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠʳᵒⁿᵗ ᵖᵃᵍᵉ ʰᵉʳᵉ ᵃ ᶠᵉʷ ᵗⁱᵐᵉˢ
           `          .  *                 ⠌ `
   Linux · Rust · Golang · Python · Ruby · Typescript
   ` ᶠʳᵒⁿᵗᵉⁿᵈ · ᵖᵒˢᵗᵍʳᵉˢ ⠌ ᵈᵉⁿᵒ · ᵏᵘᵇᵉʳⁿᵉᵗᵉˢ · ᵉˡⁱˣⁱʳ
             `        Remote               ⠑        .
      `'        Willing to relocate
     *    ⠑  https://tombh.co.uk/cv.pdf · ·       *
         '       ᵗᵒᵐ ᵃᵗ ᵗᵒᵐᵇʰ·ᶜᵒ·ᵘᵏ            .
        .                 ·          *     `

Very inventive.

ASCII art is strongly discouraged on HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26662154

Really? Thanks. I sometimes get downvoted for it, and I'm not really sure why.

probably because it renders poorly on a narrow mobile device screen. Doesn't HN have a <pre> markup?

I never thought of that! Thanks, I updated it a bit to not break on narrow screens

SEEKING WORK | Dubuque, IA USA | REMOTE ONLY Full snack JavaScript developer well versed in React.js, Next.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Prisma, Tailwind CSS, Webpack, Docker and Kubernetes.

I eat sleep and breathe JavaScript. So much so that my license plate used to be NODEJS https://twitter.com/joshmanders/status/853640782460456960 (It's now my company name)

I've contributed heavily to open source both in tools I use, and my own code being open sourced. You can see my GitHub profiles at https://github.com/joshmanders (personal) and https://github.com/aniftyco (my company org)

I have recently left my full time position to go full time on my company after having received some funding. I want to supplement with a good client or two.

That company is where I am building https://getmakerlog.com a community of ~9000 indie hackers and bootstrappers building their products in public, along with a suite of tools to facilitate indie hackers and bootstrappers including but not limited to https://prevalidate.com a tool to help you validate your product ideas with potential customers and engage with them. (Private beta coming end of October) and more.

If you're interested please email me josh@joshmanders.com make sure to mention this thread.

SEEKING WORK Location: Mohali, India Remote: Only remote

Technologies: Java, Python, R, XML

Email: jasdeep.jogewala at gmail com

Experienced software engineer (15 years of experience). My availability is ±10 hours/week.

With more than 15 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering enterprise software, I lead engineering projects that bring robustness and resiliency to the services offered. My recent work involves security and performance engineering. I am intrested in Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Cartography, Digital Humanities, Digital Curation, and Localization. I am looking to work on scientific computing projects.

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasdeep/ ; website https://jasdeep-singh.com/ ; gh profile https://github.com/jasdeep


Team Strength: 45+ Developers focused on Web, Mobile & Blockchain Solutions

Focus Areas: FinTech, Payment Rails, SportsTech, Health & Wellness

15 mins Chat: https://calendly.com/arpand

Fees: $20 to $30/hour


  - Frontend: React/NextJS, Angular 10+, HTML, Javascript 

  - Backend: Nest/Node, Serverless, Microservices, Kubernetes, Docker

  - Mobile: React Native, Native, Flutter

  - Blockchain: Polygon, Ethereum (Solidity), OnFlow 
Recent Work:

  - Built 6 weeks MVPs - CompanyCam, Account Reconciliation
  - Building a large scale digital transformation for South Africa's largest Telecom
  - Working with FinTech APIs like Codat, Plaid, Dwolla, ACHQ & other payment rails
Agency: Yes

Work: https://bit.ly/team-aug

Contact: arpan{at}mobilefirst.in


Location: Denver

Remote: yes

Willing to relocate: No

Algorithms / Strategies:

  -Options Implied Volatility Arbitrage strategies

  -Stock & Equity Algorithms, Current tracking over 500 stocks and thousands of options chains.

  -Futures (ES, NQ, CL, GC…)
Software & API:

  -Python, Mysql, PHP, amCharts, charts.js, google charts,TD Ameritrade / Interactive Brokers

  -Portfolio & Risk Management
Additional Information: MBA in Finance, Register Investment Adviser

Email: algo@strategic-options.com

Non Traditional Cover Letter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13Bcg4zUmMWGnyUBUPLQ7dibM...

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Canada

Technologies: Various solvers (CPLEX, Gurobi, Or-Tools, etc.), Python, C++, Bash, Linux, and others

Résumé/CV: https://github.com/PhilippeOlivier/curriculum-vitae/blob/mas...

Email: See CV

I have a PhD in optimization / operations research. I'm the father of four young children, so I'm looking for flexible/remote part-time work, and/or contract work. I can work up to around 30 hours per week (this varies depending on whether kids get sick, if I have other contracts, etc).

My specializations revolve around optimization and operations research. You can give me a real-world problem and I can translate it into a mathematical model that can be solved (often optimally) via integer programming, constraint programming, or various forms of metaheuristics. I could manage my way around new solvers and programming languages if the project required it.

I'm currently working on a column generation-based daily fantasy sports (DFS) solver as a personal project. Taking as input the predictions/requirements of a user, this solver can generate optimal lineups for multi-entry tourneys. It is, as far as I am aware, the only DFS solver that can generate provably optimal sets of lineups for multi-entry DFS tourneys.

SEEKING WORK | Seattle | Remote OK

I am a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Google Style, with experience at both large and small organizations. I've been using Kubernetes since the very beginning, been actively working at scale, and worked across the stack and with diverse technologies. I'm looking to help small dev teams increase their velocity by implementing best-practices of Devops: CI/CD, Kubernetes Deployments, and effective Monitoring frameworks. My current availability is limited; I'm well stocked on clients though trying to increase throughput and wrap up some projects. I'm available for consulting on your initial setup, for fixing your build, as well as on retainer for operational Oncall. I'm actually quite busy at the moment, but happy to have a conversation if you've got something small or forward-looking, or happy to forward it on to my network.

My resume: https://resume.gauntletwizard.net/ThomasHahnResume.pdf

My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-hahn-3344ba3/

My Github: https://github.com/GauntletWizard

SEEKING WORK | Remote OK | React Typescript Node.js | Ex-founder (CTO)

Résumé/CV: https://gourav.io/cv

Portfolio & blog: https://gourav.io

Stackoverflow (top 0.17%, 30000+ reps): https://stackoverflow.com/users/3073272/gorvgoyl

Github (2000+ contributions): https://github.com/gorvgoyl

  Expertise: Full-stack web developer / Front-end (React) developer / Tech lead / PM
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: React, Next.js, Typescript, Javascript (ES6), Node.js, NoSQL, SQL, Tailwind CSS, GCP, Firebase
  Email: hey@gourav.io
  Experience: 7 yrs
  Rate: $100/hr
  Availability: ~30hrs/week
About me:

I am a full-stack web developer (React, Typescript, Node.js) and ex-founder (built 2 startups in SaaS and healthtech).

I have over 7 years of experience in building and shipping end-to-end products. I have worked for big tech companies and startups, gaining a broad range of experiences. During my time as a founder, I learned to wear multiple hats, which has helped me become a multifaceted engineer.

SEEKING WORK | Tucson, Arizona, USA (GMT-7) | Remote

I’m Liam, a jack of “beyond full stack,” originally embedded but now mostly backend. I analyze, architect, design, test, document, and maintain.

I’m available for from 10 to 30 hours per week; I’d like to avoid full-time in order to keep working on some open-source projects & volunteer work. My current rate is $75/hour but is negotiable for projects I find particularly interesting or beneficial.

My most recent project, mostly backend, uses Go, Postgres, Docker, and AWS. Originally I cut my teeth on assembly & C for device drivers with DMA on embedded real-time systems. In between, I have dabbled in a lot of other things, including OpenCV (C++), Windows DLLs (C++, LabVIEW), Python, Flask, Node.js, Express, and SMS APIs from Twilio and Telnyx.






SEEKING WORK | Remote | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: React, React Native & Node.JS development with JavaScript and TypeScript. Python, Pytorch for Machine Learning. My dream stack which I LOVE working with is Next.js + tRPC + Prisma and PostgreSQL

Résumé/CV: I have a masters in computer science, with a thesis in deep learning.

I also have a blog at https://www.mikealche.com where I've written several blog posts that made it to the front page in Hacker News: General problem solving: https://www.mikealche.com/software-development/how-to-implem...

Databases schema design: https://www.mikealche.com/software-development/a-humble-guid...

React animations tutorial: https://www.mikealche.com/software-development/learn-react-a...

Email: mikealche at gmail

SEEKING WORK | local or REMOTE (within Africa)

Contract or part-time

Location: Africa

Willing to relocate: yes, to any location in Africa, where i can get the necessary permission to live and work.

Technologies: Linux, Fullstack, System Administration.

Résumé/CV: on request (software development, CTO, mentoring, training, fluent in English and German)

Like a recent Ask HN: Recommend employers with positive social impact [https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31518945], I am looking for similar work. I am a European software developer who has lived and worked on four continents. Now it's time to move on and so i am looking to relocate to Africa.

While i could find a job elsewhere i believe that the experience living in an area where my work is going to have an impact gives me a better understanding of the needs of the location i am serving. Whether it is through direct contact with clients and users or just by being part of a local community and learning about the reality of living there.

I have more than a decade of experience running a company, doing software development, support and training and mentoring adults and students, as well as working on educational projects, and i am willing to take on a mixture of roles as needed to support a project.

SEEKING WORK | USA | Remote | Senior Product Manager / Head of Education

I believe strongly in helping people reach their potential through education. As such, I have worked as a tech learning product manager on MOOCs (massive online open courses), tech education programs, technical training, and other technical learning products for the past 10 years.

I've worked at edtech startups (like Udacity) building massive online open courses and micro credential programs to big corps (like Amazon Web Services) crafting company strategies for teaching AWS customers about how to better use AWS products and services.

I am the right person if you need:

1. someone to figure out the vision, strategy and curriculum for teaching your customers about how to better use your company's SaSS product (which will hopefully lead to increased product engagement and higher product spend)

2. someone to help you craft the strategy and curriculum for online tech education programs

2. someone who's experienced in edtech to manage a newly formed learning/education team and to provide guidance, structure, and best practices to the team

Open to 1099s and part-time contract work

Email: lee.chenghan at gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hichenghanlee/


Location: UTC + 2 (Austria, Europe)

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexanderentinger

GitHub: https://github.com/aentinger

Website: https://lxrobotics.com

Email: c o n s u l t i n g AT lxrobotics.com

Technologies: Project Management, C, C++ (11/14/17 ...), ROS 1 & 2 (Robot Operating System), Firmware/Software (Bare-Metal, RTOS, Linux), Robotics, Embedded Systems, Communication Protocols

Remote: Yes, Relocation: No.

I help companies building production grade firmware and software for (preferably) robotic systems.

I have been professionally developing firmware and software for over a decade, working on AGV control software, wireless sensor networks, guidance systems for self-driving tractors, optoelectronic volume measurement systems for agricultural applications, consumer robotics systems, securely connecting resource-constrained embedded devices with the Internet including OTA, custom embedded systems for AGV battery management, magnetic guidance, ultrasonic distance measurement, robot-human interaction and many other projects.

Looking forward to hear from you ;)

SEEKING WORK | Anywhere | Full-Stack Development, Backend Development, Application Security, Penetration Testing Location: Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Israel, Norway, Denmark, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, France, Canada, New Zealand

  Remote: Yes

  Willing to relocate: Possibly

  Technologies: MERN, NodeJS, React, ReactJS, Express, Redux, EJS, MongoDB, Mongoose, NextJS, GatsbyJS, Contentful Headless CMD, Java, Python, Django, Flask, Security, Cloud, AWS, Azure, Docker, kubernetes, Postgres, Linux, Microservices, APIs, Git, React Native, Google Flutter, JavaScript, TypeScript, ES6

  Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rrg298IxXvQKcJKCFzhdwazRcqYdhJ0o/view?usp=sharing

  Email: barasec {at} protonmail {dot} com

  Portfolio: https://baradev.netlify.app

  GitHub: https://github.com/barasec

Application Security Engineer and Penetration Tester, Turned Software Developer.

Interested in developing the full stack, engineering the backend, architecting artistic solutions, and solving worthwhile problems.

Chat me!

SEEKING WORK | The Netherlands | Remote

Software engineer with a focus on but not limited to backend development.

I have worked on long-running applications with a large codebase and have started projects from scratch. Besides developing software, I have experience with managing and implementing customer software projects, CI/CD, designing software system components, and leading a development team of 7 people. While I am happy to take on projects in any problem domain, I have some domain knowledge in the Dutch healthcare and Dutch pension industry. I work as part of a team most of the time, but am open to solo projects.

Most of my experience lies in Java, C# and Node.js development, but have worked with others and any technology stack is negotiable. On the front end, I have most recently worked with Vue.js, but other frameworks are not uncommon to me. I also have a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Currently available for ±10hrs/wk, from Jan 1st I'll be available for 32hrs/wk. Please contact me if you're interested, or if you simply want to connect or have a chat that's also fine :)

Email: renzo at <my domain>

Website: https://www.renzo.dev

CV: available on website for download

SEEKING WORK | Europe | Remote

Freelance Sr. Engineer with Kubernetes/DevOps/Golang Focus

  Location: Berlin, Germany
  Remote: yes
  Remote availability: Worldwide
  Current preferences:
  Kubernetes, Golang, Kubernetes Operators, Ci/CD, Containers and automating everything
  Willing to travel: yes
  Willing to relocate: no
  Languages: German (Native), English (Fluent)
  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johannes-h%C3%B6lzel
  Github: https://github.com/jhoelzel

Availability starting 15.10

Hi , I'm Johannes

I talk to humans and machines and specialize in golang, kubernetes as well as automating everything!

I build kubernetes clusters from srcatch on bare-metal and in the clound I provide services from DevOps to application development and have a history of completing projects on time and in budget. I currently focus on kubernetes, golang and terraform as well as everything k8s related.

You can learn more about me here:


and contact me on my linkedin:


Hi, just to let you know that your LinkedIn link is posted as your website.

thank you for the headsup, I appreciate it!

They used to be one and the same before I started blogging, it did indeed point to my linkedin =)


We are the 10-person consulting arm of a digital school with web and mobile expertise. We are based in Lomé, Togo. We provide high quality results for many types of technical projects, from software development to UI/UX design and SEO. Our team members are all bilingual, English and French.


Front-end: React/React Native, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Angular, Vue, Flutter

Back-end: MongoDB, MySQL,Python,C#

Design tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects,

Recent projects -Website development and maintenance -Mobile application to manage farming communities -Creation of influencer database -SVG icon creation -Creation of a database of images of of synthetic faces

Rates: Graduates: $ 20-30 / hour Students: $ 10-20 / hour

Contacts: Email : youdi.raymondo@tamtam.com LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/tamtam-digital-school/ Website : https://tamtam.com/hire-tamtam/

Hi, We are a 1 month old startup in CyberSecurity arena. We have several sites that sell different kinds of Web Security products.

Our sites are : 1) Code Signing Certificate : https://signmycode.com 2) Cheap SSL Certificates : https://cheapsslweb.com 3) Our brand SSL Certificates : https://certerassl.com (launching soon) and 4) Our Cloud SaaS around SSL : https://sslbrands.com (launching in Jan 2023).

We are looking for SEO/SEM services especially around Euro zone areas to increase our presence there. If you have matching talent for us please email me at janki @at certerassl dot com . We are ok with 100% Remote and Rates that you mentioned in the above post.

Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. We can definitely help you. We'll get back to you with specific questions regarding your project within 24 hours. Please let us know if you need a plan of action sooner.

SEEKING WORK - Freelance/Contract - Remote from US

I like working with early-stage startups as they work through ambiguous and difficult technical + product problems. I can manage end-to-end web app development from scratch, including product definition, backend + frontend development, and basic design.

I'm a serial founder who's built and sold multiple companies (like https://moonlightwork.com), and I've held leadership roles in engineering + product at major companies like Webflow and Trusted Health. But, my passion is building things - and I use my background in software and product to help early-stage startups either build or scale a product.

When I pick a tech stack it's typically Rails + Hotwire + Tailwind, but I've worked in a variety of web stacks ranging including Vue, Go, Laravel, Python, and Kubernetes. I'm an advanced user of Stripe, including their Connect product for marketplaces.

Here's a couple of projects I've built solo this year:

- https://postcard.page

- https://booklet.community

Email: philip@contraption.co

SEEKING WORK | SF Bay Area, CA | Remote

Hi HN, I'm Andrew. I have 10 years experience with Python web development. Some projects I've worked on recently include

• Turning machine learning notebooks into production http apis

• Building out SaaS websites with authentication, billing, subscription management

• Bringing old hard-to-maintain services up to modern standards with new stable technologies

• Performance optimization of django and flask apps to get below 100ms response time.

In addition to client work I also run some web apps including https://gpxz.io and https://redditreads.com, and I work as a Python code reviewer for PullRequest.

Past clients include Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz, NZ Metservice, and YC-backed Lob.com.

Technologies I work with include Python, django, flask, fastapi, docker, nginx, sql, Postgres, html, css, d3.js, tensorflow, scikit-learn, numpy, pandas, gdal, postgis, R, MLops.

Please get in touch via andrew@ajnisbet.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajnisbet with some information about your project, from there we can set up a call to talk in more detail.

SEEKING WORK | Tulsa, Oklahoma | Remote: Yes

Hey, I'm Sam and I'm a Consulting Software Engineer who helps SaaS companies master Technical SEO.

I love long walks on the beach and taking on impossible-to-solve Front End Performance challenges.


  ⏻ Technologies
TypeScript, Tailwind, Node.js, Serverless Functions, Vite, React, Vue, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Astro, Netlify, Vercel


  ⏻  Open Source Projects
I built and currently maintain the largest GitHub community for Apple Silicon Software. https://github.com/ThatGuySam/doesitarm

I also built an interface for displaying Marvel Movies and am growing it using Google AMP Web Stories with regular features in Google Discover: https://github.com/ThatGuySam/marvelorder


⏼ Email: hnhiringoct22@scc.mozmail.com

⏼ GitHub: https://github.com/ThatGuySam

⏼ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-carlton-99884629/

SEEKING WORK | London, UK | Remote or on-site, no relocation.

Seeking: Contract part-time, up to 4 days per week.

About: Hi there HN, I'm Abeed.

Most recently I was the CTO at Rafinex. I built the product, Mobius, consisting of a 3D graphics interface using Vue & VTK; multi-tenant web backend using Django, DRF, Postgres, Celery; and async, long-running batch job execution on AWS.

I'm now looking to start in software consultancy and freelance development. I focus on small companies and startups operating in the engineering and science sectors, going from idea through MVP to scalable product. I have a PhD in aeronautical engineering, and have delivered solutions including desktop data analysis, web applications and deep-tech B2B SaaS products.

Whatever challenges you're facing, be those technical, team or commercial, I'd love to talk.


- Python, Django, Django REST framework, Pydantic, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib.

- TypeScript, Vue, Vuex, vtk.js, Babylon.js.

- Scientific computing, simulation, CFD, FEA, CAD.

Email: abeed [dot] visram [at] googlemail [dot] com

CV/Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10iBzuB278jiikBVXK9oyvHxiX4T...

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE (Pacific time)

Available for part-time or full-time contract work, preferably on a long-term basis, but I'm also available for smaller projects.

I am very flexible with my working hours (mostly working with clients from USA).

I am a full-stack developer with more than 8 years of professional experience mostly in the C# .NET stack as a freelance developer. I don't shy away from the DevOps and DBA parts of the project either. I also like to create beautiful UI's that users love.

I prefer a long-term contract, but I'm also available for smaller projects. I also work through Toptal. My CV is available on my toptal profile and my website. My rate is $90/hour.

Some of the technologies: C# .NET MVC, React, JavaScript, REST, SQL, Azure DevOps, Circle CI, AWS, Docker, Blazor, WCF, SOAP, SCSS, Kubernetes, Rabbit MQ etc.

Github: https://github.com/boros-csaba

Website: https://www.boroscsaba.com/

Toptal: https://www.toptal.com/resume/boros-csaba

Email: boros.csaba94@gmail.com


Freelance UX/UI & Product Designer for hire, remotely!


• Portfolio: https://saasdesigner.com

• Location: Canada, but open to remote work and prefer asynchronous engagements!

Hey, I'm Brendan - a product & UX designer working remotely.

Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Interaction Design. Over 8+ years of experience designing UI/UX for startups and entrepreneurs, including web and mobile apps.


I'm available for:

• Startup Idea to Startup Design - I can help turn that idea in your head into a fully-designed (MVP) product using my blazing fast design process.

• UX/UI Redesign & Modern Refresh - Your current UX design (or UI design) is poor and needs a complete or partial revamp. I can pinpoint issues and give it a modern design facelift.

• Unlimited UX & UI Designer Requests - I can provide ongoing and weekly design support, paid on a fixed monthly basis. Need user flows or journeys conceptualized? Personas made? Pitch deck slides? Wireframes and interactive, clickable prototypes? I can handle all that and more. You'll receive high-fidelity design deliverables and mockups based on the requests you submit. All based on growth and conversion-based design principles for startups.

• Retainer, ongoing UI / UX design arrangements available.

Email: hi@brendanho.com / Portfolio: https://saasdesigner.com

SEEKING WORK | Cambridge/London UK or Remote

I'm a software engineer with coming up for two decades of programming experience. I've helped startups get started and big companies keep going.

I've organised a couple of jobs through HN now; it's been a good way to find interesting projects, and my clients have been pleased with the work. One said: "Thank you! I've played with it a bit and it looks very impressive! Way better than what I imagined this project could be."

I've worked on a very wide variety of web-based projects, as well as React Native, and other platforms, so I will be able to hit the ground running on most projects. If you're doing something a bit esoteric, that could still suit me – I've done FPGAs, network protocols, more ETL than you can shake a stick at, and devised novel algorithms.

I am productive in every commercial programming language I've tried. In the last 5 years I've done commercial projects in (at least):

Typescript/Javascript (React Native, browser, and Node.js), Ruby, Java, C#, and Python. I'm trying to find someone to pay me to do some Rust.

I am good at talking to customers and product people to help figure out what we should be building, as well as building it. I enjoy working with other developers and helping the team learn. I'm happiest on fixed-term projects that I can complete on a schedule that suits both of us, and my clients have been very happy with this process too.

For more details my website is https://www.lambdacambridge.com

Email: robin [at] the website above

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE or in The Netherlands | Worldwide availability

Code R is a two-man powerhouse offering full-stack & mobile development, consultancy and various miscellaneous development activities & support. We are a quick, dynamic team and keep our number of simultaneous clients very low to fully dedicate ourselves to each one of them.

We like writing maintainable, well-tested code but aren’t afraid to hammer out a POC when the need arises. Additionally we have extended in-house knowledge into dev-ops and security.

Our technologies include: Python, Kotlin, Java, Go, Swift, React, Solidity, Docker, Kubernetes, GCP, AWS

Some of our recent work:

* Full development of the native mobile apps of a financial firm, developing Android (Kotlin) from scratch and refactoring as well as expanding upon an existing iOS app (Swift).

* Providing a full-stack code and infrastructure analysis for an e-commerce firm, offering insight into code maintainability as well as security using concrete examples and improvements. Their services was mostly written in Python (Django).

Rate: €75/hour (negotiable)

Contact: robin {at} coderstudio.dev

Personal Github: https://github.com/robinsiep


I am a full-stack developer with focus on React.js and 10+ years of experience delivering software. I have experience with leading teams as CTO and tech lead. I have worked for clients all around the world in many different industries. I have delivered 20+ projects for solo founders, startups, digital agencies and big companies, such as Apple and Binance.

I help senior React developers with best practices, design patterns and tooling to scale React.js applications in terms of maintainability and performance. I have background in computer science and am able to create everything from small business websites to custom web applications.

Technologies: React.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS, CircleCI, JavaScript, ES6+, Next.js, Gatsby, Apollo, GraphQL, data visualizations (D3.js, Mapbox, Leaflet), headless CMS (Contentful, Prismic, Strapi), MobX, Redux, Wordpress, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Material UI, Webpack, Heroku, TypeScript, web3 (ethers.js) and more.

Location: Europe

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Not at the moment

Portfolio: https://andrejgajdos.com/projects/

Email: mail[at]andrejgajdos.com

Personal Website: https://andrejgajdos.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrejgajdos

Github: https://github.com/AndrejGajdos

SEEKING WORK | India | REMOTE | React, Node, MERN Stack | Ethereum, Solidity, Web3.js

I am a Full Stack Developer experienced in building and optimizing user friendly dynamic web applications using MERN Stack i.e. React, Node, Express, MongoDB. I can also develop React Apps with Web3.js that can interact with Ethereum and Solana smart contracts.

I have been freelancing for past 3 years for many US based clients both small startups and independent projects.

I've also recently worked with a crypto startup on solana ecosystem as a web3 developer.

Technologies I use:

Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,TypeScript, Material UI, MobX, Redux, React, React-Router, Web3.js

Back End: Node, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, Bcrypt, JsonWebToken

Blockchain: Solidity, Metamask, Ganache, Hardhat, Truffle, Remix, OpenZeppelin, ERC-20, ERC721

Tools: Jest, Mocha, Chai, Babel, Parcel, Webpack, Git, Postman, Chrome Devtools

3rd party APIs: Stripe, Plaid, SendGrid etc.

My Portfolio: https://amit-ghosh.com My GitHub: https://github.com/maverickamit

Availability: Up to 30 hours per week.

Please feel free to reach me at my email from portfolio for any inquiries.

  Location: Chicago, IL
  Remote: Yes (CST but flexible)
  Willing to relocate: No
  Technologies: Technology leadership, Head of Software, Emerging Tech R&D, IoT,  AIML, XR
    Throughout my career, I am proud to have accomplished the following:
    * Invented an IoT solution for the President of the US
    * Architected an AI software for detecting breast and skin cancer
    * Developed an animated tour guide with text-to-speech, voice recognition, and facial recognition
    * Built an IoT smart HVAC solution for Johnson Controls that won the Product of the Year award
    * Served as the founding architect of the no. 1 fastest growing company in the US
    * Built AI e-learning platform for Foxconn ( Industrial AI Institute - iAIinstitute.com )
    * Currently head of a smart-cities computer vision/AI startup, recently featured in the New York Times under my direction
  Email: james@jameswilson.name
  Website: https://jameswilson.name
  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesatjameswilsondotname/

SEEKING WORK - Remote, US-based

Remote: Yes (have worked exclusively remotely for past 11 years)

Willing to relocate: No

I've been doing full-stack work for the past 11 years, with Python and Django on the back-end and HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery on the front-end. I've also worked with the Django REST Framework and React.js. I'm intimately familiar with schema and data migrations, including migrations between Django projects. I've worked extensively with startups and I've worked with Twitter. I have a lot of experience working with distributed teams and am open to occasional travel. Available full (~32hrs) or part time. Interested in Python work or full-stack with Python.

Résumé: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8b4x4qzEFAOS0FFb1NhcDBOVkE...

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustan-bower-722331ba/

Email: dustan.bower at gmail


Software Architect / Senior Full Stack Engineer with 12 years of commercial experience (esp. FinTech, Healthcare) in prototyping, MVP, backend and frontend development as well as maintenance and DevOps. I can work during PT/ET hours!

    * Python [Advanced], Django [Advanced], Django Rest Framework [Advanced], GraphQL
    * AngularJS, React, React Native, Vue.js
    * Airflow, Kafka, ELK, TensorFlow, NLP/NLTK
    * AWS, Google Cloud, Terraform, CloudFormation, Docker, Kubernetes

  Where I can help most:
    * Rapid Proof of Concept / Prototype implementation
    * Design of scalable software architecture (Backend + DevOps)
    * Cloud Infrastructure (Including HIPAA compliant design)
    * API design, implementation and documentation
    * Code Reviews, Python/Django mentoring
    * Team leadership

  Email:               michal [AT] michallech.info
  GitHub:              https://github.com/rootxnet
  Website/Resume:      https://michallech.info
  Skype:               ferdezz

SEEKING WORK, Brazil, Remote OK, c410.f3r (at) gmail.com

Software engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and over ten years of experience in several technologies and programming languages. There are two fields where I mainly act: (1) DevOps; from database administration and data modelling to back-end programming or front-end design all the way to orchestrated deployment with latest tech and (2) Standalone software; involves embedded development in restrict environments, blockchain applications mostly related to Parity's Substrate and plain command-line interfaces.

On the open-source side of things, I regularly contribute to several projects, helping and communicating with other developers. Take a look at the available coding portfolio in my GitHub profile at https://github.com/c410-f3r where most public collaborations in the last five years were more focused on the Rust Programming Language ecosystem.

Over 40 certified courses have been completed and 10 professional certifications that covers a wide range of areas were obtained from different organizations, e.g., Linux Foundation and the Blockchain Training Alliance. Learning is very important to keep up with both old and new technologies, my newest certification is the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) and more certifications will be earned over time.

In my last work experience I refactored, architected and developed many key parts of a Parachain always aiming for security, readability, robustness and maintainability, which contributed to two successful marketing campaigns. In addition to all this and to finish, I also created and deployed a brand new Relay Chain like Kusama or Polkadot for custom usage and testing.



My name is Kolya, and I’m currently a senior at Harvard. Last year I began working on an app and I now have a fully-functioning prototype (developed by freelancers) that I am looking to launch on college campuses in January (at the start of the second semester). I am graduating a semester early (this December) so that I can allocate all of my time toward this startup in the spring. However, given that I am non-technical, I am looking for a committed technical co-founder to join the team for equity.

If you are interested and have the time, I would love to connect and chat!

SEEKING WORK | Location: Romania | Remote Only

Hi! I'm Mihai, a Senior iOS Developer with a 9 year experience in the field. I'm a passionate developer, a fan of clean, well-tested code. Providing iOS development services.

Stack: iOS Development, Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, SwiftUI, CI/CD, Unit, UI, Snapshot Testing

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mihaiandreirustiuc/

Website: https://www.mihairustiuc.com/

Email: mihai.rustiuc[at]protonmail.com

Rate: hourly 70-80$

I have experience with different company sizes, having worked with anything from individual clients, startups, to multi-continent companies - mostly US based. I am an involved individual and I like to take initiative in my work. I like to actively participate in the product development, from both a technical and feature perspective. In case of longer term engagements, I am able to also take managerial or team lead positions, having successfully done that in my latest contract.


Forward is looking for a Python dev to help out an electrical and mechanical engineering firm that builds hardware devices. Their software needs revolve around aggregating and displaying data produced by their devices and, in the immediate term, they’re looking for someone to build out a tool that lets them proxy TCP/IP packets to multiple clients. Over the long term most of the work would involve encoding or decoding data, displaying, and occasionally analyzing data.


* Keywords: Python

* Term: 6-12 months

* Hours per week: 10-20

* Rate: $50-100/hr

* Timeline: Immediate

* Timezone Constraints: 5 hours overlap with ET

* Geographic Constraints: Must be a U.S. citizen living in the U.S.

More details: https://work.withforward.com/b2ce1f13926547a68b8487ceeeaf3af...

If this sounds like you, feel free to fill out our typeform (~5 min): https://form.typeform.com/to/QPoHyMHN#role=xxxxx


SEEKING WORK | Edinburgh, UK | Remote or on-site | Graphic Designer

Are you a business looking for web or print design services? I'm a multidisciplinary graphic designer with an eco-friendly focus, specialising in lightweight website designs and low-ink usage print design. My design process takes into account the sustainability of the final design project from conception to end of life.



· Web design: responsive mobile/desktop designs that are lightweight and fast - I can arrange web development also

· Branding: logo design, branded social media banners, posters, booklets

· Print design: posters, booklets & business cards

· Custom illustrations: digital artwork, print illustrations

To get started on your design project journey get in touch with me today via https://angeliqueboudeau.org


Portfolio: https://angeliqueboudeau.org/#portfolio

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angeliqueboudeauorg/

Contact: hi@angeliqueboudeau.org

SEEKING WORK | Fullstack Developer, automation, bots, mass scraping | REMOTE, France

I started teaching myself to code when I was 10yo, I've been specializing in automation and fullstack JS development since 2015.

I can basically automate or scrape anything you can think of on any device, I've worked as a fullstack & growth engineer for startups and scale ups.

I automated all kind of processes at most of my jobs, in my personal projects and in my personal life.

Worked on a few entrepreneurial projects(mostly MVPs that didn't take off :))

I work mostly with Typescript/Node/React(native), AWS Lambda, Firebase, Puppeteer/Playwright and my own private automation libraries.(also worked with a lot of other languages/technologies that aren't necessarily worth mentioning)

Please get in touch at: otmanebenazzou.pro [at] gmail (dot) com

Github: https://github.com/OB42 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/otbedev/

SEEKING WORK Locations: Europe; Ukraine; San Francisco. Remote: YES Willing to relocate: YES

Technologies: Computer Vision, Object detection, Object Tracking, Keypoints detection, Segmentation. YoloV5, YoloV6, YoloV7. Cloud: GCP, Azure, AWS. Messaging: Kafka, NNMG. Docker, Kubernetes. OpenCV (Python and C++). PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, TensorRT Serving, ONNX serving. CUDA. MLOps. Synthetic Data; Data Labelling; ML Best practices: DVC -Version Control System, CML - Continues Machine Learning.

Engineering team for Computer Vision products. We take care of all elements of the Computer Vision project, from Proof-of-Concept to Production. We also provide Data labeling, Synthetic Data, and MLOps. Delivered 14+ products. The cost for Computer Vision engineering starts from 37 USD/h, or 5200 USD per Month.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anastasia-lutsyshyn-1a7697207/ | Email: computer_vision_team@protonmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Remote: Yes (UTC+7 , UTC-5 OK)

Hello, I'm Hung. I am a Full Stack Engineer and Product Owner with 10 years of commercial experience and community building (esp. Saas, Automation test, Data) in prototyping, MVP, software development as well as maintenance and Data Enginering. Great communication skills, Startup experience, team leadership, passionate about programming, self starter, OK with freelance/consulting as well as full time work.


    \* Python [advance], Java, Javascript, Bash scripts[Advance], MySQL, MongoDB

    \* ReactJS + Redux

    \* Airflow, Kafka, TensorFlow, Pytorch,OpenCV, SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, Wordpress, Scikit-learn

    \* AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes
Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XVqb21QCxQQts7S2XQB8xN6Bj4y...

Email: lehung [AT]gmail.com

Website: hunglethanh9.github.io


Location: Europe. Remote: Yes. Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Java, Murex, Linux, Markitwire, Python, C#, Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres, Oracle, Sybase, APIs of various sorts (market data providers, ECNs, ICE, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.)

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marekpujdak

Email: marek at mce-consulting dot eu

Software engineer with 20+ years of industry experience, mostly focused on the backend, with a specialization on fintech / capital markets / derivatives technology and distributed systems. I have worked for some of the top investment banks and trading systems vendors in Europe and Asia, handling duties ranging from architecture, design, project management, to delivery and ops.

Lately I have been successfully working with start-ups in the US (references available on request) and am interested in expanding my collaboration with this type of client globally.

I offer impartial, state-of-the-art software / solution architecture / audit services for your existing or planned systems, and can be as hands-on as you need me to be. I have a no-nonsense, less-is-more approach, have enough battle scars not to chase hypes or over-engineer, and am interested in building systems that run like clockwork long after I'm gone.

My working style is decidedly collaborative and friendly, but you can count on me to take the lead, stay on topic, present the trade-offs in clear language when a call needs to be made, and deliver on time and on budget.

Do you have an ongoing or planned project that you could use assistance with?

Then please do get in touch today for a free initial consultation call.


I'm an information security consultant. I have a broad skill set, but I specialize in younger organizations and/or SMBs who are looking to make sure they have good modern security baselines across their entire organization. I can tackle specific projects or can review systems and procedures and make recommendations.

I have extensive experience in deploying, automating, and securing corporate IT systems. For example: automating employee onboarding/offboarding, deploying Single Sign On, implementing account security best practices, and Zero Trust principles (e.g. microsegmentation, scoped access, device attestation, hardware backed authentication).

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eldridgea/

Contact me or book a free consultation: https://eldrid.ge/consulting/

Email: me@eldrid.ge

SEEKING WORK | Remote Only | Marketing Operations

I am a freelancer/marketing consultant who can provide marketing operations support to both small startups and large corporations. I'm an Adobe Certified Expert - Marketo Engage and proficient in Hubspot and Salesforce. I've spent the majority of my career at SaaS companies in Silicon Valley and have a proven track record for streamlining processes and empowering the rest of the marketing team to execute efficiently.

Website/Contact Form: https://ctaconsulting.ubpages.com/

LinkedIn (consulting page): https://www.linkedin.com/company/ctaconsultingllc/

LinkedIn (personal): https://www.linkedin.com/in/caitlinaxel/



● Machine learning engineer (with a Computer Science PhD) with 8+ years of experience building machine learning products.

● I work with startups to integrate AI, from mapping out use cases all the way through to development and deployment.

● I also help companies already using AI to use it more effectively (through strategy, audit, research and training).

Recent Work

● Predicting win/place/quinella probabilities of starters in horse races for a Hong Kong betting syndicate.

● Increasing license plate recognition accuracy by merging alternate data sources in real-time for an Australian startup.

● Designing an AI system for a Japanese recruitment startup.

● Building an online handwriting recognition system for mathematical equations for a Hong Kong startup.

● Simulating package delivery times in urban areas for an Australian startup.


● Email: timothy.leung@neuralswarm.com

● LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tlyl/

● Website: https://neuralswarm.com

Location: Remote (U.S. Citizen) | Full-time or part-time

Senior frontend/fullstack engineer with 7+ years experience with React and Node.js (more recently using Nextjs). Have led teams on projects getting millions of impressions (iheart.com), while also building greenfield projects from the ground up (most recently with a VC funded no-code web builder / data integration saas as one of the first engineers).

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/jeremysbernier/

Website: https://www.jbernier.com

GitHub: https://github.com/jeremybernier

Email: jeremy [dot] s [dot] bernier [at] gmail.com

Keywords: Typescript, React, Node.js, Next.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Google Cloud, TailwindCSS, Docker, GraphQL, Apollo, TypeORM / TypeGraphQL, blockchain / crypto

SEEKING WORK | Central Europe | Remote

Frontend engineer and web consultant with 9 years of experience in highly successful companies across San Francisco and Berlin (https://smikulic.com/#work).

For the past 3 years I was helping other fast-growing startups remotely. My strengths are in UI/UX product development and frontend infrastructure. Looking for part-time or full-time engagement to help build your product.


Technologies: JavaScript (React, Redux, Apollo, TypeScript, Node.js, Webpack), GraphQL, Ruby/Rails

Website: https://smikulic.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sinisamikulic

Email: sinisa@codewell.studio


Sample project I co-founded — https://movieo.me/

SEEKING WORK | The Netherlands | Remote (anywhere)

I have 5+ years of experience with Django and worked with many tools/technologies/libraries related to it (Vue/Vuex, pytest, various CI/CD tools, docker, htmx, websockets etc).

This is my Github page with some open source stuff on there: https://github.com/GDay, most of my open source work is in this repo: https://github.com/chiefonboarding/ChiefOnboarding.

Contact: https://djangowaves.com/contact/.

Writing docs/tests (where applicable) is important to me. I, unfortunately, won't work on a project if tests are not part of the plan. If you currently have an existing app without tests, then I am happy to write those for you.

SEEKING WORK | The Netherlands | Remote

I am a freelance Data Engineer with more than 8 years of data experience. I can also help with Analytics and ML engineering.

I supported Analysts/Data Scientists with engineering, worked on all sides of data pipelines: terabyte-scale click-data measurements, setting up CI/CD and infra, implementing ML algorithms, serving recommendations at ~5000 requests/sec, and even developing a distributed stream processing framework (Flink).

* Languages: Python, SQL, Java, Scala * Tools: dbt, Airflow, Spark, Flink, Beam, GitLab CI, Kubernetes, Docker * Platform: GCP (BigQuery, Storage, Bigtable, Dataproc, Dataflow)

Email: contact[at]gaborhermann.com

Website: https://gaborhermann.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GbrHrmnn

GitHub: https://github.com/gaborhermann

SEEKING WORK | Remote (timezone independent) | Germany (UTC+1)

Technology Stack: Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Spark, Kafka, Flink, MongoDB

Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years of industry experience. In addition to many years of backend development with Java 8+, Kotlin and Spring Boot I have extensive experience working with Cloud- and DevOps essentials such as containerized Microservice Architectures, Kubernetes and CI/CD Pipelines as well as a strong familiarity with data streaming technologies like Apache Kafka and Apache Flink.

Focus: Java Backend

Rate: $160/hr

Timezone: UTC+1, 4 hrs overlap with EST possible

Availability: Part-time or Full-time

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/robertstauch1 CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lieLDKzOYQ44ODfi1q0NrD1v6qU...

Email: robert@ahsonline.de


My name is Kolya, and I’m currently a senior at Harvard. Last year I began working on an app and I now have a fully-functioning prototype (developed by freelancers) that I am looking to launch on college campuses in January (at the start of the second semester). I am graduating a semester early (this December) so that I can allocate all of my time toward this startup in the spring. However, given that I am non-technical, I am looking for a committed technical co-founder to join the team for equity.

If you are interested and have the time, I would love to connect and chat!

SEEKING WORK | Europe | Remote | Architect or Cloud DevOps Engineer

Architect and DevOps Engineer with experience in Azure, Microsoft 365, on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructures for platforms and applications. My main expertise is DevOps and Infrastructure Services, but I have relevant experience in software development as well. I have long-term experience leading projects, consulting customers, performing workshops and working on pre-sales.

Programming: C#/.NET, TypeScript/React, JavaScript, T-SQL, PowerShell, Bash

.NET: Core 3.1, .NET 6.0, WebApi (Controller and Minimal APIs), Entity Framework, MassTransit, RabbitMq, HealthChecks, Serilog, Auth with AzureAD, Console Apps, Services

React/TypeScript: Microsoft Fluent UI, SharePoint Framework PowerShell: Pester (testing framework)

Databases: MS SQL, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB

OS: Windows, Linux

Azure: Cloud Adoption Framework, Landing Zones, Hub-spoke architecture, Load Balancer, Virtual Networks, NSG, Virtual WAN, Azure Active Directory, IAM, AAD Connect, VPN, DNS, AKS, App Services, Azure Functions, Storage Account, VMSS, VMs

Microsoft 365: SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Setup, Governance, Migration

Microsoft Legacy: SharePoint Server, Active Directory, IIS, MS SQL

Infrastructure as a Code: Terraform, ARM Templates, PowerShell DSC, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Packer Software & Tools: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, Git

Monitoring: SensuGo, Nagios, Azure Monitor

Other: CI/CD, GitOps, Agile/SCRUM, ITIL, DevSecOps, draw.io, PowerBI, PowerAutomate

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/%C5%82ukasz-g%C3%B3rski-78277811...

SEEKING WORK | Italy (UTC+2) | Remote

Hi! I'm Giacomo, a full-stack developer and cloud consultant from Italy.

Professional experience: 8 years

Tech stack: 11ty, React | Node.js, Clojure, Zig | GCP, Cloudflare

I am a biomedical/clinical engineer by training, so I would be really interested in working with healthcare / life sciences startups.

GitHub: https://github.com/jackdbd/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/giacomodebidda/

Contact: https://www.giacomodebidda.com/contact/

Free 30 minute chat: https://calendly.com/giacomo-debidda/free-consultation

Please mention this thread when contacting me.

SEEKING WORK Location : Remote -------

I am a polyglot backend programmer. I am looking for some interesting and challenging gigs/projects to work on for next few weeks or so. So far I have made web apps, writing web scrapers, bots(Slack, Telegram, Discord etc) and systems/API integration. I have recently been working on Python and PHP, did a bit of Golang as well but not limited to a certain technology. I can adapt new technology provided the project is interesting(Hint: I am working a SEO Analytics Chrome Extension these days that is consist of JS at frontend and PHP at Backend). Below is my web presence:

- http://adnansiddiqi.me/

- http://blog.adnansidiqi.me

- http://adnansiddiqi.me/Resume2021.pdf

Email: kadnan @ gmail


SEEKING WORK | Remote and travel OK | Devops/Infrastructure/Software Engineer

https://pallissard.net/services/ contact at pallissard dot net

I can help pay down and avoid incurring technical debt by designing systems that scale, future-proofing, or retrofitting existing tooling. We can work together to build solutions that are robust enough to scale along side your growing business needs and simple enough to be managed by a lean feature-oriented development team.

I have experience meeting stringent requirements in highly regulated industries such as 3 letter agencies, healthcare, and satellite tech; in all size business from early stage startups to large enterprises.

I've dealt with everything from low-level protocol issues to orchestration tooling to large distributed applications; improving up processes, automating tasks, and generally improving quality of life.

SEEKING WORK - Remote (Located in Poland, EST/PST timezones OK)


We are very efficient team of Python/Django experts, NodeJS, React and mobile (React Native) developers who helped startups get their prototypes and products launched in a record time. We've worked as a team extension or took over development of whole projects, provided outsourcing for Startups, created Prototypes, MVPs, provided on-site training for clients, consulting and maintenance.


  * Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, Flask, Airflow
  * ES6, TypeScript, React / React Native, NextJS, Redux, Angular, Expo, NodeJS
  * AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, CloudFormation, Terraform, Heroku, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, ELK
  * TensorFlow, NLTK, OpenCV, numpy, Pandas
Email: hello [AT] rootxnet.com Ping us for some demos of our work!

WWW: https://rootxnet.com/



My name is Kolya, and I’m currently a senior at Harvard. Last year I began working on an app and I now have a fully-functioning prototype (developed by freelancers) that I am looking to launch on college campuses in January (at the start of the second semester). I am graduating a semester early (this December) so that I can allocate all of my time toward this startup in the spring. However, given that I am non-technical, I am looking for a committed technical co-founder to join the team for equity.

If you are interested and have the time, I would love to connect and chat!

SEEKING WORK | United Kingdom | Remote

Technical Lead with a wealth of experience successfully architecting, building, and testing a wide range of products using a diverse array of languages, tools, and processes.

Languages: C#, F#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, HTML, SASS/CSS, SQL

Frameworks: .NET, Node/Express, React, Angular, Aurelia, React, Backbone, ASP.NET Core, Spring

Cloud/IaC: Azure, AWS, Terraform, ARM, Bicep, CloudFormation Data: SQL Server, Postgres, MongoDb, MySQL, EventStore, Redis, RabbitMQ, CosmosDb

Architecture & Patterns: Distributed Systems, Event-Driven Architecture, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Domain-Driven Design

Software & Tools: Docker, Git, Octopus, TeamCity, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Splunk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hall-hayden/

Résumé/CV: available on request

Email: contact@haydenhall.co.uk

Get in touch for availability and rates


Location: Europe. Remote: Yes. Willing to relocate: No

Tech stack: Python, rust, golang, Haskell

Hi, I'm Tim. I'm a freelance developer specializing in parsing, data wrangling and graph algorithms. I also have a lot of Django under my belt.

Watch my coding screencasts: https://veganbuddies.org/blog/, https://gradesta.com/blog/

Linked-in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothy-vladimir-hobbs-5a6a80229...

rate: €40 an hour for email support €60 an hour for development

email: goodnight@gradesta.com

book a meeting: https://timhobbs.youcanbookme.com/

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE Need help with migrating to next.js? Looking for a React developer who would be productive from day 1?

Hi. I'm looking for full-time remote roles in a well-funded stable company (I will work in the company's core office hours. 0 issues with timezones. Been working remotely before covid)

Building websites since 2016, working with React since 2018 and have 2 years of production next.js experience

Super comfortable with Next.js, React, Redux (with sagas), tailwind, material ui, styled-components, SEO schemas, AMP, MERN, scalable deployment on GCP/AWS/Vercel, incremental migration and parallel deployment (WordPress blogs, new next.js code and old code working on the same domain)

I value web performance (web vitals) and accessibility and could create high conversion dynamic pages

Email: contact+hn@abhineet.me

Résumé/CV: https://abhineet.me

SEEKING WORK | Product Design, UX & UI | Remote (EU, US)

We are a subscription-based design agency. Designline provides a flexible way to scale your design team with one click.

BENEFITS: - Flexible plans - Unlimited requests and revisions - One flat monthly fee

SCOPE: - Mobile Apps, SaaS, Web Apps, Wireframes, Prototypes - Landing Pages, Websites (Webflow), Design Systems, Icons - Branding, Logos, Pitch Decks, Stationary, Banners and more

CONTACT: - Website: https://designline.co/ - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/designline-co - Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/designline-co/shots

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Software Engineer

At mrassili.com we specialize in website development. We are working with companies and people who are building, founding or running tech products. Or just want an experienced senior software engineer to solve their Web development problems. Main skills are React, JavaScript, GraphQl, Tailwind, Node.

Past work is available publicly on Github: https://github.com/mrassili

Some past work: apollosurveys.org | https://www.jsdelivr.com

Email us to see more.

Featured on Freecodecamp News in 2020: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/chrome-extension-with-parc...

Let’s talk: hi [at] mrassili.com


Location: Europe, Croatia. Remote: Yes. Willing to relocate: Possibly, not against the idea as long as it's in EU

Technologies: Angular, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Affinity Designer

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mjuk1c/

Email: contact [at] sudozen .eu

I'm a Frontend Developer & UI / UX Designer with 6+ years of UI / UX experience and 3 years of experience in frontend development (Angular 2y & Vue.js 1y).

I'm looking for a project in which I can fulfil their needs as a contractor while having the opportunity to continue learning and growing as a developer. I'm an avid learner who quickly grasps different concepts and preservers in face of challenge not giving up until the task is completed.

SEEKING WORK | CET, 6 hours overlap with ET possible | Remote

I'll help your agency with software plumbing. Complex integrations, cloud deployment and performance, and backend code. Happy to get my hands dirty with work your people won't do.

Tech: Node.js, .NET, PHP, MongoDB, PostgreSQL... all kinds of web dev, plus desktop (.NET with WPF)

Cloud: Azure, AWS, Heroku (still a thing)

It's 2022, so yeah, I live and breathe git, CI/CD, test-driven development, all that good jazz!

More importantly, I approach all development with the clarified business outcomes driving everything I do. I won't give you any code that's useless and won't matter to your customers. Rather, I care about your ROI 24/7. You make or save money => I win a repeat customer. It's pretty simple.

Get in touch at: https://tomaskohl.com

SEEKING WORK | Estonia, Europe | Remote

Devops engineer that specializes in linux based cloud systems and CI/CD + automation. 6 years of experience, first on the dev side and now in the ops area. I am strong with ansible, docker, scripting including bash and python, Gitlab (CI), Jenkins, Github Actions and have come in contact with Terraform, Kubernetes and AWS. Among programming languages I know Python and Java. I am passionate about automation and IaaC. I enjoy writing infrastructure code for large amounts of servers and also managing pipelines for long manual and multi-step processes (CI/CD). If you feel that this is something you need and I can be of help to you, feel free to contact me.

Github: https://github.com/rreest

Email: raimondreest <at> rummer.ee

SEEKING WORK | Brazil (UTC -3; overlaps with US and Europe) | REMOTE | Part-time or Full-time

I'm a problem solver. I learn quickly and use whatever tech is necessary.

Finished my PhD in CS by the end of 2021.

Worked on software which is currently used by the Federal Police of Brazil to manage 95% of their police inquiries for a combined total of 3.5 years.

Passionate about computers since I was a kid. Studying and working in CS full time since 2009.

I enjoy producing high quality and high value software that follows best practices (e.g. CI/CD, Clean code, Testing, SCM, Reviews, Joel Test, ... )

So that you can hire me confidently for a remote position, I am open to chats, technical interviews, algorithm challenges, take-home coding exercises, trial periods, etc. Whatever it takes to ensure this is a good fit for both of us.

Rates: 30 to 49 USD / hour (enjoy low rates while I build international remote experience :) )


My name is Kolya, and I’m currently a senior at Harvard. Last year I began working on an app and I now have a fully-functioning prototype (developed by freelancers) that I am looking to launch on college campuses in January (at the start of the second semester). I am graduating a semester early (this December) so that I can allocate all of my time toward this startup in the spring. However, given that I am non-technical, I am looking for a committed technical co-founder to join the team for equity.

If you are interested and have the time, I would love to connect and chat!

SEEKING WORK | Remote Location: Europe. Remote: Yes. Willing to relocate: Maybe

Technologies: machine learning, deep learning, signal processing Specialized in AUDIO and time-series (biomedical, financial) data

Hi, I have 10 years of experience in solving hard research problems through data science and signal processing & machine learning. Keypoints: - dozen of highly robust models in production for 15+ companies - PhD in DSP/ML - several patents and research papers

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IIGMCrphFr73DW2AJEH7uzvjf-x...

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivanvican/

email: ivan@nanophonics.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Python and Django Tech Stack: Python (6+ years), Django (3+ years), MySQL, Firebase, React, Node, AWS, Azure

Available for MVP / POC design. Also hit the ground running with existing code bases.

Some recent projects:

- Backend for life insurance illustration generation (Django)

- Cloud functions for B2B online catering app (Node, Firebase)

- Backend for IAS-19 accounting standard (Django)

- Backend for unofficial app for one of the leading golf tournaments website in the US (Django)

- Backend for mental health app serving thousands of users in multiple countries (Django)

CV: https://www.kashifaziz.me/kashif-aziz-cv.pdf

Website: https://www.kashifaziz.me

GitHub: https://github.com/kashaziz

SEEKING WORK | U.S. timezone | Remote only | Part-time

Technologies: Swift, SwiftUI, iOS, macOS

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronyfadel

Email: rony+hn [at] fadel.io

About: Experienced iOS/macOS software engineer with 6 years of experience as a team lead at Apple, working on system frameworks and first party apps (iCloud, Files, Spotlight, Extensions), and 3 years of experience consulting for top YC startups as well as F500 companies.

Currently interested in part time (3 days a week) contract work (I'm an indie hacker with a "side" business that's growing and that I need to attend).

I can work on building your MVP or on your existing codebase. Clean code, sound architecture and best practices. My clients have been extremely satisfied with my work thus far.

SEEKING WORK - Contract, Remote, based in NYC area, backend engineering

We're a team of backend experts who have built and maintained highly available systems for several companies over the last five years. From greenfield to renovation to infrastructure-as-code to site reliability, we span the entire space of backend problem solving.

We will take on your difficult problem and crush it. Your goals are our priorities.

Concrete examples:

* Backend renovation/finesse transition to scale for an exploding AI startup (the largest single server on Discord, millions of users collaboratively using AI to hallucinate images for work and play, they're in the news.)

* Realtime stats processing in a redpanda+golang+pyspark stream architecture for one of the top 3 major US sports leagues - raw data through ML models to the screen! Another project for the same client: enterprisewide internet-facing API gateway and developer portal serving stats data and legacy APIs together.

* AWS Lambda architecture replatforming core portfolio management for a startup (>$1BN AUM) hedge fund

* Realtime stream processing of crypto exchange trade data through Kafka/data lake for an analytics platform. Met 5000ms SLA, blue/green deployment, arbitrarily many symbols/exchanges. Proof of SLA in extensive Cloudwatch metrics.

* Framework to collapse dozens of singleton ETL programs into one config-driven, simple C# application performing the same functionality at ~80% reduction in maintenance cost year over year.

* Built/managed 3 subteams ~8 engineers total, operating against multiple streams of work to meet business needs, ~12 active projects at a time.

Contact: jon.north@adiuvat-consulting.com More: www.adiuvat-consulting.com

Keywords: Python, C++, SQL, NoSQL, Go, Golang, Docker, Git, SVN, Subversion, Linux, Bash, Windows, Kafka, Redpanda, Terraform, AWS, Azure, Redis, Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, LDAP, Active Directory, OAuth2

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE (Europe/UK) | Full stack, Backend, Python Available for part-time or full-time contract work from small to larger projects.

I am a full-stack developer with more than 8 years of experience. I started my career in frontend developemtn and moved into backend development. I’ve also had experience working with platform engineers to build pipelines and write terraform for our infrastructure.

Some of the technologies: Python, Django, Flask, Javascript, React, NextJS, Serverless, Distributed systems, AWS, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins

Github: https://github.com/danwlsn

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danwlsn/

Email: dan@northnorthweb.com

SEEKING WORK | Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Central European Time)

Remote 4-person team of senior software engineers and designers here. We all have 10+ years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and several acquired startups. Comprehensive knowledge of:

• JavaScript/TypeScript, React, Redux, React Native, CSS, Node.js

• Clojure, Elixir

• PostgreSQL, MySQL

• Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma

What we can do for you:

• Design & Build an SPA/PWA/Mobile MVP on a solid foundation so it's smooth sailing once your userbase starts to grow.

• Scale up a team that has an overflow of work or wants to add certain tech to their stack.

• Revitalize an existing app. Solve design, scalability, stability and performance issues.

• Consult on domain specific topics like banking, real-time trading, payment processing and PCI DSS.

Sectors: FinTech, MedTech, EduTech, Social

Website: https://go-stellar.com

Email: hello@go-stellar.com

SEEKING WORK | Europe | Remote

I'm redirecting my career path from industrial maintenance management to software development.

I've done, among other things, over 10 years of code maintenance and functions extensions in a live industrial production environments.

My current preferred tool set: Python, PostgreSQL, Django, Git, Docker, Linux. Now I prefer boring tools which allow me to concentrate on the problem at hand.

I'm open to other tools as needed.

My most recent project is Polish law change monitoring service available at https://unkot.pl. Access to the source code hosted on gitlab.com available on request.

In the past I've used go (golang), cython, neural networks with feedback loops running on CPUs, genetic programming.

stakent<usual sign here>walat.eu

SEEKING WORK | Location: USA, Canada OR Remote

Website: https://zenticsoftware.com

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/anthony-v-ozdemir

Build better software, build it right.

  Technologies: GoLang, Python, C++, JS, AWS, React, Unreal Engine, Houdini
  DevOps: Ansible, Docker, DroneCI, Kubernetes
10+ Years of Consulting Experience

Providing Software Engineering services tailored for your success:

- Turn-key desktop / web application development

- Distributed computing backends

- DevOps pipelines

- Unreal Engine game development

- Houdini artwork pipelines

Whether you need a complex enterprise system or a simple web application, I'd be happy to help.

Please contact me for a free consultation call. I'd love to learn more about your project and how I can be of service.


We are a full stack web development company based in the Netherlands with a focus on high traffic web applications. We specialize in performance improvement, building out existing products and development automation. We’ve worked with both national and international companies from startups to large enterprises and are happy to expand our portfolio! Feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: TypeScript, React, Vue.js, PHP, Node.js, GraphQL, SQL, Ruby on Rails, DevOps, AWS, nestJS

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/10kb

Email: info [at] 10kb.nl

Website: https://www.10kb.nl


Tribe.AI is a network of more than 100 top engineers, data scientists, and beyond who come together to do interesting projects (usually growth stage startups, a few publicly traded co's and some smaller startups as well). The community is also just a great place to connect, we often have virtual and now even some in person events to learn from experts in the field or for Tribe members to present their projects. A few folks in the community have also used it as a launching pad for their own startups!

If you're a top-tier PM with knowledge of AI projects, engineer, data scientist, or in the field, please apply to join the network (takes under 5 mins) https://www.tribe.ai/join

SEEKING WORK | Remote Only, no relocation | Located in Eastern Time Zone

Role: Full-Stack Software Engineer

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, React (NextJS, GatsbyJS), Golang

Github: https://github.com/bowmanmike

Email: mike at mikebowman dot dev

Website: https://mikebowman.dev

I'm a software engineer with over 6 years of experience looking for freelance/contract work. I've got deep experience with back-end development, and am confident with React and other front-end frameworks. I'm a good communicator, reliable, and easy to get along with. Ideally looking for roles where I can act as a mini engineering team for a company that doesn't have one, but open to other opportunities!

Get in touch!


I'm a CPA turned developer. I was an auditor who taught myself programming on the side, and am now working in the space of helping transform internal financial processes with code

I'm interested in anything that might intersect finance and tech, such as things like providing advice on accounting software. I can also help you with financial planning, budgeting, financial analysis, internal control design, evaluation of processes, recommendations for improvements, help with the audit process, accounting education, etc. I'm experienced with Python, Django, SQL. Unlike most accountants, I know how to use git properly.

I have around 5-10 hours a week available, might be able to swing more for short-term projects.

Email nick at nicksavage dot ca Website: nicksavage.ca

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE (India/IST) | Full stack, Backend, Python Available for part-time or full-time contract work from small to larger projects.

I am a full-stack developer with more than 8 years of experience. I started my career in backend development and stayed there until I learnt React.

I’ve also had experience working with mobile application development in React Native and Flutter. Sometimes I walk around with Godot to build a 2D game.

Some of the technologies: Python, Django, Flask, React, Docker

Github: https://github.com/rajasimon

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajasimon/

Email: hey@rajasimon.io

SEEKING WORK | React Frontend Developer | Berlin, Germany | Remote

I am web focused software developer. Since 2014 I've worked in Berlin in several companies, most recently in FinTech and I've also worked a year for US company backed by YCombinator.

My strengths are delivering MVP projects and frontend infrastructure. Looking for part-time engagement or full time contract to help build your product.

  Location: Berlin, Germany
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: No
  Technologies: JavaScript (React, Redux, Node.js, Webpack)
  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mirsarace
  Email: dev.msaracevic@gmail.com
Website: https://msaracevic.github.io

SEEKING WORK | Chicago, Illinois | Remote

Hello HN! I'm Lorenzo, a Ex-Air Force contracting specialist turned IT federal integrator. I help developers land contracts with federal, state, and local governments.

the most common challenges I’ve seen are a lack of:

- Streamlined procedures around federal and state contract capture.

- Marketing campaigns and outreach to Contracting Officers

- Access to the best deals (oftentimes requiring Pricing Agreements)

To aid in understanding the industry, I’ve done a Federal Government market intelligence report on the IT & software industry I can share for a conversation.

Feel free to reach out on linkedin:


or email

lrhoades at ryloconsulting dot com


Willing to relocate: No, but willing to travel

Technologies: Javascript/Typescript, Rust, Go, Node.js, React/Redux, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc

Résumé/CV: https://dwayne.xyz/resume

Email: contact@dwayne.xyz

I’m a web and app developer with over 15 years of professional experience. I’ve worked at startups, mid-sized companies, and large corporations including Apple, eBay, and the Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center. I specialize in full-stack web development, but I’m also experienced in iOS development, server administration, database design, and more. I'm happy with both short-term jobs (alone or on a team) or medium-term contracts in an agile environment.

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE | COMPLETE DEVELOPMENT TEAM We are a software company firm focused on full stack development of web apps based in the US and in Latam with a remote first culture. We have experience building out MVPs, and taking on existing projects that need to be added to or salvaged. We provide a turn key solution as our staff includes Inhouse Creatives, Product Managers, Marketers, and Tech Professionals ready to jump on your existing projects or MVP idea. We are currently looking to take on new projects, please email us for a free consultation Location: Texas Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: React, Vue, React Native, Laravel, Express.js, AWS

Email: unify at mathisonprojects.com

Web page: mathisonprojectsinc.com


Software Engineer with 14 years experience, mostly doing Ruby on Rails, node.js and React. Worked for different companies in sectors such as hospitality, logistics or open source.

For the last few years, I've tended to work in smaller teams or even as the only engineer on the team, usually reporting directly to the CEO or CTO. I can wear many hats, work independently and have an attitude of getting things done.

Website: https://jordinl.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordinoguera

SEEKING WORK | Location: Romania | Remote Only | Part-time or Full-time

Technologies: iOS, Swift, UIKit, SwiftUI, Clean Code, Clean Architecture, Unit Tests.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vlad-grigore-sima-043596143/

Email: vladgrigoresima10[at]gmail.com

Rate: 45-50 USD/Hour

I am Vlad, a iOS developer with 5 years of experience. Over the past couple months I have been working as a contractor for a US based client.

I am passionate about writing robust, clean and maintainable code. I can work both on my own or in a team, but I am more comfortable with latter.

I value people that are open minded, willing to discuss ideas and debate on technical topics.


My name is Kolya, and I’m currently a senior at Harvard. Last year I began working on an app and I now have a fully-functioning prototype (developed by freelancers) that I am looking to launch on college campuses in January (at the start of the second semester). I am graduating a semester early (this December) so that I can allocate all of my time toward this startup in the spring. However, given that I am non-technical, I am looking for a committed technical co-founder to join the team for equity.

If you are interested and have the time, I would love to connect and chat!

SEEKING WORK | Austin, TX or remote

Available part-time, for up to 20 hours/week. 10+ years experience in python, both scientific (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, statsmodels, jupyter) and web (django, flask, sqlalchemy). Also experienced in R (experiment design, linear and nonlinear analysis, graphic presentation of data). Previous experience in statistical design of experiments and statistical process control when I was a manufacturing engineer in semiconductors. Able to work W2 or 1099, remote or in-person (as long as it's in Austin).


SEEKING WORK | REMOTE (Pacific time) | Full-stack software engineer/web developer

Full stack software engineer focused on web development with 8+ years of start-up, freelance, and design agency experience. I have a passion for the frontend with backend experience to match. Based on the west coast of the US but have tons of experience working across time zones.

Main technologies: React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, HTML, CSS / SASS, GraphQL / Apollo, PostgreSQL

Experience using: Redux, Auth0, Launch Darkly, Express, Ruby on Rails, Webpack, Babel, Git, Material UI, GitHub, Jest, npm/yarn, CircleCI, Next.js, p5.js

Resume/GitHub/Email/LinkedIn available on my website: andrewkowalczyk [dot] com


Developing web-applications since ~2007. Experience ranges from small, internal tooling and small business sites to large "enterprise" applications such as Quay.io.

Comfortable with all aspects of building web-apps but backend development and systems/architecture are my strengths. Python is my primary language. I have used many tools over the years and can quickly adapt as needed.

I am actively leaving a corporate role and transitioning back to independent development. I do not have a portfolio to share. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn[0] profile.

  - Email: hire {at} kurtismullins.com
  - [0]    https://www.linkedin.com/in/kurtismullins/

SEEKING FREELANCER | Boulder, CO | Remote | US Time Zone

At Uplift, we’re on a mission to perfect our work life while learning, building, and enjoying our free time. We're looking for well rounded software engineers to join our team. Contract or contract-to-hire, open to employment too. Many more details on our website https://www.uplift.ltd/careers

1. Mid/senior experience in at least 2 of these:

* React/React Native * Django (python)

* GraphQL (Django & React+Apollo)

Usually start part time & ramp up.

2. Scala Engineer

The position involves building backend services in Scala and a GraphQL layer in TypeScript.

Must have 1-2 years of experience with Scala. Experience with TypeScript is a big plus.

This is a 6-month opportunity,could turn into a permanent position.

Bonus for all positions:

* Freelance experience: delivered projects, managed budget/estimate, worked with non-technical clients (most important)

* Heroku or AWS

* Laravel/MVC framework in PHP, PHPUnit

* Thrift

* Excellent CSS skills

* Native iOS/Android

* SQL experience

* Can think critically, build from rough specs (no designs or detailed specs)

One of our core values is continuous learning: within the industry & from each other. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. If you're self-sufficient, passionate & a good communicator, apply now!

Web designers can check out our site for details.

#### To apply:

You have at least 20 hours per week available, and are located in a US timezone.

Visit https://www.uplift.ltd/careers/, select a position, and follow the instructions.

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Eastern Time Zone (EST) (Not in US)

Skilled Android Kotlin developer. Experience with NDK (JNI, C/C++ on Android), CI/CD, especially GitHub Actions. Published apps to Play Store, libraries to MavenCentral (and previously JCenter).

* Resume: https://www.ViliusSutkus89.com/resume.pdf

* Website: https://www.ViliusSutkus89.com

* GitHub: https://GitHub.com/ViliusSutkus89

* Contact: Vilius {at} ViliusSutkus89.com or @vilius89:matrix.org


My name is Kolya, and I’m currently a senior at Harvard. Last year I began working on an app and I now have a fully-functioning prototype (developed by freelancers) that I am looking to launch on college campuses in January (at the start of the second semester). I am graduating a semester early (this December) so that I can allocate all of my time toward this startup in the spring. However, given that I am non-technical, I am looking for a committed technical co-founder to join the team for equity.

If you are interested and have the time, I would love to connect and chat!

SEEKING WORK | UK or Remote | IT Consultant / Full Stack Engineer

Technologies: PHP, Laravel (7yrs exp), VueJS, AlpineJS, MySQL, TailwindCSS, AWS, Azure, RESTful APIs, Adwords, GA Ecommerce, Git

Email: topoftheforts@gmail.com

I have 12 years experience in full stack web development, I have managed small dev teams and have been a one-man IT department for small startups and non-profits. I believe in focusing on business results and revenue. I worked a lot with marketing departments in conversion tracking, conversion optimisation, A/B testing. I love building, making web applications and creating value.

Looking for a part-time role, ideally 3 days a week. Remote only but willing to travel occasionally.

SEEKING WORK | Lisbon, Portugal or Remote (originally from New Zealand!) | Full stack -- and I mean full stack, from BIOS-dev to biz-dev.

I've done a bunch of interesting stuff over the years. Drones, VR, OS development, low level network mobile/server stuff, reverse engineering, large-scale VPN DPI, streaming video, speech-to-text, automatic cloud optimisation, deep tech, etc. If you've got some interesting networking or low-level-system stuff, that'd be fun. But I'm open to all discussions :)

Ping me and we'll talk! https://paulh.consulting or paul@bieh.net

SEEKING WORK | Japan | Remote Only

I’m a full stack developer with 14 years of experience, and have been working for German- and NYC-based companies fully remote recently. These days have been focusing on security and personal data related projects, but I love to work on web applications in general as well.

  Tech: React/Next, Svelte [Advanced], Rails [Advanced], Web 3, TypeScript [Advanced], PyTorch, WebRTC
  GitHub: https://github.com/tnzk
  Résumé/CV: https://tnzk.org/1f74f899de8331c47c77c60865d51375ccb050a7.pdf
  Email: tnzk@tnzk.org
  Other things: https://tnzk.org

SEEKING WORK | EU and US-East timezones | React & React Native, NodeJS

Hola! I've 7+ years experience working with early-stage startups, creating web & mobile products from scratch.

Tech stacks I use: - Node.js / React / React Native / ASP.NET Core, AWS, Azure, GCP, Firebase

Drop me a line if you need someone who can get started on your web & mobile project.

Personal website: https://edwardsmoses.com Github: https://github.com/edwardsmoses Email: hi@edwardsmoses.com


I run a community of remote developers called Match.dev. We currently have several mid to senior developers in the network available for both part-time and full-time commitments. Rates are in the range of $40-60/hour and the most common technologies in the network are: React, Typescript, Node.js, Python, React Native, Flutter. Feel free to ping me via the website chat or email and I’ll match you with the best fitting developer for direct engagement.

Website: https://match.dev/ Email: kirill at match.dev


Location: Athens, Greece

Remote: Only remote

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Django, Python, Elixir, Phoenix, SQL, Linux, JS, RHEL

Email: spapas at gmail com

Experienced software engineer (15 years of experience). My availability is up to 20 hours/week.

More info on my LinkedIn profile: https://gr.linkedin.com/in/serafeimpapastefanos ; blog at https://www.spapas.net/ ; gh profile https://github.com/spapas

SEEKING WORK | Remote Only | Los Angeles, CA I am an independent web developer (since 2005) that specializes in complex CMS-based websites (ProcessWire / Drupal / WordPress) where end-clients need to be able to effortlessly manage the content. I work mainly in PHP and more server-side based solutions (HTMX, not React). I do a lot of website re-development (ie, sites that have fallen into disrepair and need a fresh start with existing data). HTMX, Alpine.js, Tailwind CSS

Website: https://jonlahi.com/

Email: (myusername)@gmail.com


Location: Colorado Mountains

Remote: yes

Pitch: I've been working on making startup MVPs lately. I've got a pretty good stack right now to get your MVP off the ground quickly. Rails website with a React frontend using a Bootstrap theme and backend services using Golang with Temporal.io. You can see my last two projects https://awareops.com/ https://gainknowhow.com/ . Sign up for free accounts to see if my work is what you are looking for.

Contact: eddie@GainKnowHow.com

SEEKING WORK | UK Remote | Part-time

Tech: Linux, FreeBSD, Python, BASH, Shell, GOLANG, C/C++, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Perl, PHP, HTML, Apache, NGINX, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NAGIOS...

Email: andy [dot] darcy [dot] jewell [at] gmail [dot] com

About: I'm a seasoned Linux admin and scripter/coder with literal decades of experience in the IT industry. I can do maintenance on your Linux server - esp Debian or RHEL derivatives, write utility or automation scripts for your business processes or write custom plugins for your vertical web app. I'm also pretty handy with tiny systems like Arduino and RPi.

SEEKING WORK | Madison, WI | Remote or local

I'm a full stack developer who specializes in Clojure/Script development. Standard rate is $150/hour, discounts may be available for open-source projects or upon other circumstances. My current availability is 5 hours/week.

Recent work:

- Created an app for playwrights to use for creating and rehearsing plays. (Tech: React, Typescript, Flask, Postgres)

- Built the front-end for https://app.composer.trade, a systematic trading app. Took the company from designs all the way through launch. (Tech: Clojure/Script, Firebase)

- Created a fuzz-testing tool that takes in a language grammar (EBNF) and uses that to generate syntactically correct random text in that language. During text generation it can also take in external information (such as table and column metadata for use in generated SQL queries) to create random text that is contextually correct as well. Currently used for testing SQL databases.

- Built https://familymemorystream.com, a video-hosting and sharing site for family videos. (Tech: Reagent, Clojure/Script, S3, CouchDB, Stripe)

- Created the https://github.com/deckeraa/couchdb-auth-for-ring/ open-source library that enables you to use CouchDB as an authentication back-end for Ring apps.

- Led a team of ~17 software developers for the business intelligence module of a large healthcare IT company.

Buzzwords: Clojure, Clojurescript, Javascript, C#, Java, MUMPS, Bash, SQL, CouchDB, GraphQL, S3, Python, Firebase, Cloud Firestore, TailwindCSS

Email aaron AT stronganchortech.com

Website: https://stronganchortech.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-decker-3420a77b/


I'm a senior full stack developer with over 10 years of experience working with enterprise solutions on premise and in cloud. My previous work experience as a system administrator gave me a strong understanding of enterprise infrastructure.

Tech stack: Docker, C#, Blazor, React, Web API, Dapper, EF Core, MS SQL Server, Azure Pipelines/GitHub Actions, Linux

Cloud: Azure, AWS, Hetzner

Overlap: 3hrs with EST

Rate: $90-110/hr depending on project length

GitHub: https://github.com/Prokleta-Kuja

Email: hn [at] ica [dot] hr


We are a team of 5 freelancers (a PM, designer and three developers) looking for another developer to work on a rather large project for our client.

We are looking for skills in:

- Laravel, with a good understanding of the core concepts.

- VueJS component development

- AWS, EC2s and S3 buckets. Nothing too exotic.

Around 20-30 hours a week would be nice but we're big on flexibility. A bit of overlap with Pacific timezone is a bonus.

To apply, send us your info with this link: https://airtable.com/shrCnb54sxkT2fsDR

SEEKING WORK | Pakistan | Remote (GMT+5)

Hi, I am Ali. Available for projects that lean towards the low-level spectrum. I am interested in network programming, Linux kernel hacking, compiler infrastructure and performance tuning. My language of choice is C++. I also consider myself proficient in Assembly (x86), Python and Bash. I will be available for ~30 hours per week.

Currently, I am pursuing a BSCS degree and working on a Wi-Fi driver as a side project.

Github: https://github.com/alyanser

Email: alyystaz@gmail.com


Availability: north of 100 hours a month, from 4th October


I have been working as a Full-stack engineer with a good focus on front-end.

- I have built, architected, managed development story MVP projects. led projects and team to add more functionalities on internal and main products on mobile and web-apps.

- I have experience working with remote teams for more than 3 years now. This includes clients from Canada, USA, Netherlands, Australia. I have built their Android/iOS app with React-Native, and hospatility management job portal, respectively. Have experience building back-end micro-services with Node-express, Python, Django, GraphQL & Apollo client on front-end with React and Typescript. I maintained the component repo as a separate library to support the main app.

- I've worked with a startup from initial phases to build audio-video conferencing web app using Agora's SDK for WebRTC and RTM channels with React.js, Redux, Google Firebase with Node.js, Express.js on backend micro-services with MySQL. I have also led a support tool project here.

- I can also join an existing team temporarily to give a short-term boost, perhaps helping with a challenging project or co-ordinating a larger initiative across teams. This can include a training/mentoring element if you need to upskill quickly.

- Every project is different and will be treated as such. Recently I’ve been favouring TypeScript for web development (with React for UI work).

- If you have a project that I may be able to help you with, you’re welcome to get in touch via email to get in more details. I'd appreciate and like to learn about market and product management/building that leads to a business. In any case, looking forward to connecting with you guys.

- Email: [divyeshpar2496@gmail.com](mailto:divyeshpar2496@gmail.com)

```Technologies: Javascript, Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastisearch, MongoDB, React.js, React-native, Redux, MobX, webRTC, Google-Firebase, GraphQL, AWS BeanStalk, Lamdas, Typescript, Webpack, Vite, Next.js - SSR (server side rendering), React-native-web to share one code base and make it a Mono-repo architecture.```

I'm a freelancer and am not seeking clients right now, but I wanted to stop by and express my gratitude - both of my current large-scale projects found me here in HN comments. Thanks HN :-)


15 yoe developing software systems with FOSS and contributing back.

I've worked in many areas, notably backend, multimedia streaming and communication services (IPTV, CCTV, VVoIP), Linux kernel drivers, debugger development. I have made some contributions to FOSS projects, including the kernel, FFmpeg and Gentoo.

Github: https://github.com/andrey-utkin/

Website: https://autkin.net

Email: hn@autkin.net

SEEKING WORK | Cagalry | Remote Canada and USA

Typescript, JavaScript, React, Rust

Resume/LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/yvesdorfsman Email: yves@zioup.com Languages: English, French Remote availability: Worldwide (but experience with payment and taxes in Canada and US only) Other skills: SQL, Python, bash Misc: https://yves.zioup.com/

SEEKING WORK | Valencia, Spain | Remote | Part-time or Full-time

Experienced fullstack freelance. Last 6 years working for different startups. Projects from end to end, MVP. Solo or as part of a team.

* Experience: 20 years, most of them remote.

* Tech stack: React | Java/Golang | grpc/kafka | docker/k8s (see CV for details, link below)

* Industries: fintech, customer onboarding, AI, geospatial

* More information & contact:

    * blog: fergonco.org/blog.html
    * cv: fergonco.org/cv.pdf

    * email: fergonco@gmail.com


My name is Kolya, and I’m currently a senior at Harvard. Last year I began working on an app and I now have a fully-functioning prototype (developed by freelancers) that I am looking to launch on college campuses in January (at the start of the second semester). I am graduating a semester early (this December) so that I can allocate all of my time toward this startup in the spring. However, given that I am non-technical, I am looking for a committed technical co-founder to join the team for equity.

If you are interested and have the time, I would love to connect and chat!


senior front-end, medior back-end, junior blockchain

I'm a web dev looking for projects or full-time remote jobs, I mostly worked with React and commonly used libraries from the ecosystem like Next and Remix. I prefer crypto projects and have a bit of experience on the front-end side for web3.

rate: 40-50 $/h

- email: n@th1.as

- web: https://nathias.id

- cv: https://nathias.id/cv

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE | Worldwide availability

We are not a traditional agency. We do not have clients; we have partners. Get in touch if you want high-quality software for your enterprise.

Our technologies include: Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), Dart, Java, Python (Django), Docker, Stripe

We can build end-to-end custom software for your enterprise and take care of the deployment and maintenance.

Contact: info {at} paleblueapps.com

Website: https://www.paleblueapps.com


My name is Kolya, and I’m currently a senior at Harvard. Last year I began working on an app and I now have a fully-functioning prototype (developed by freelancers) that I am looking to launch on college campuses in January (at the start of the second semester). I am graduating a semester early (this December) so that I can allocate all of my time toward this startup in the spring. However, given that I am non-technical, I am looking for a committed technical co-founder(s) to join the team for equity.

I understand that this is not exactly the type of work/offering your team is looking for given that it is a startup and based around equity. However, I wanted to reach out and check just in case!

If you are interested and have the time, I would love to connect and chat!

SEEKING WORK | Florida | Remote

Aspen Six | https://aspensix.com

Premium full-service WordPress development for killers, with an emphasis on _premium._ White-glove and business-outcome-focused. Our CEO handles all client communication.

That's the pitch.

Book a consultation at https://consult.aspensix.com. Plug in your phone number and I'll call you at the appointed time.

SEEKING WORK | UX/UI & web design

Portfolio: https://www.seanw.org/

Location: Edinburgh, UK and remote (I’m used to time zone differences and async work)

Email: sw@seanw.org


I help startups with the UX/UI and web design of their products. This includes websites, landing pages, web apps, screenshots and copywriting, and I can assist with frontend development where needed. My background as a startup founder and full stack developer helps me create practical design solutions that balance usability, aesthetics, development effort and performance. I work to fixed price quotes when projects are self-contained.


The best live example of my work is Checkbot (https://www.checkbot.io/), a browser extension that tests websites for SEO, speed and performance problems. The entire project is my own work including coding the extension itself, UX/UI design, website design (the homepage is optimised to load in 0.7 seconds, 0.3MB data transferred), website copy, and website articles on web best practices.

[ Rated 4.9/5, 50K+ active users, 100s of paying subscribers ]


I have 10+ years of experience, including a PhD in software verification and 5+ years working for myself helping over 20 companies including Just Eat, Triumph Motorcycles and Fogbender (YC W22). See my website for testimonials, portfolio and more:


Skills: Figma, Sketch, TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue, Hugo, Jekyll, WordPress, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, OCaml, Java, Python, C, analytics, website SEO and speed optimisation.

Note: For larger projects, I usually have my partner assist alongside me in the background (I’m working towards starting a design studio with her in the future).


Email sw@seanw.org with a short description of 1) your project 2) how you think I can help 3) the business outcome you’re looking for and 4) any deadlines. I can get back to you within one working day to arrange a call to discuss a quote and how we can work together.


Location: Remote / Seattle

Remote: Yes (Preferably)

Willing to relocate: maybe after trial period

Technologies: C/C++, OpenGL, Vulkan C#, Java, Porting existing games to new platforms, Linux/Windows

Resume/CV: https://tek256.com/resume/

Email: devon at tek256.com

I'm an experienced game & game engine developer working freelance open to most opportunities!

SEEKING WORK | Gold Coast, Australia | REMOTE

Full Stack Engineer with 10+ years of experience. I specialise in building web applications with Laravel & websites with WordPress.

I prefer a long-term contract (10+ hours/week) but I'm also available for smaller projects.

Skills: PHP, Laravel, Livewire, Vue.js, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, DevOps, WordPress

Website: https://t1p.de/kqtqh

SEEKING WORK | Europe | Remote | Any timezone

[ Experienced data/software/bioinformatics engineer ]

I can help build your data-intensive application or set up your data processing pipeline. Contact me here: https://bit.ly/3StSQDn or here: https://bit.ly/3UWM6iK


Startup specialist with 20+ years experience. Comfortable developing software with all parts of the stack (frontend, backend and infrastructure), as well as experience with product management, coaching, etc.

Rate: 180 CAD/hour



My name is Kolya, and I’m currently a senior at Harvard. Last year I began working on an app and I now have a fully-functioning prototype (developed by freelancers) that I am looking to launch on college campuses in January (at the start of the second semester). I am graduating a semester early (this December) so that I can allocate all of my time toward this startup in the spring. However, given that I am non-technical, I am looking for a committed technical co-founder to join the team for equity.

If you are interested and have the time, I would love to connect and chat!


Location: Morocco

Willing to relocate: Yes, only if sponsored

Technologies: Python, Flask, Javascript, React, NodeJS, ExpressJS, NextJS, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, SQL, Java, Linux

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p1lD01BwVGzLSJ_WHld1iOXzDSg...

Email: ahassou@asu.edu

SEEKING WORK | Central Europe | Remote

Experienced Python and Django developer and consultant. I design and develop Django apps and other kinds of business automation and web backend software in Python.

I consult on specific some topics such as speeding up Django test suites, functional programming in Python, but also more generally on how to best utilise the superpowers of Python to help grow your business.


  Twelve person team of developers + 2 PMs + 1 QA + 1 designer, focused on the 
  development of web and mobile products, 
  custom integrations and services.

  Working with EU & USA clients from funded startups to corporations (Fortune500) 

  Can work as an outsourced team or cover the full product development cycle.

  Email: info [at] higroup.si
  Design and development portfolio: https://penic.si/ 
  Website: www.higroup.si 
  Rate: Either fixed per project or $65/hour;

  Location: Slovenia, Ljubljana, European Union
  Frontend: HTML5 (Bootstrap etc.), CSS3 (Sass), JavaScript (Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React)
  Backend: PHP (Laravel) and Node.js (NestJS)
  Mobile: React Native
  Databases: MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB
  Platform: AWS, Azure, Oracle
  Integration experience: Stripe, Mollie, BigCommerce, GraphCSM, Directus, DotDigital ...

  We always listen to the needs and wishes of our customers when advising on product 
  realisation, we can proudly say that customer satisfaction is our guarantee.

  Pangea -> https://www.pangea.ai/vendors/higroup/ 
  Clutch -> https://clutch.co/profile/higroup

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE Freelance Backend, PHP/Symfony senior developer. Location: Vilnius, Lithuania 6+ years experience with PHP, Symfony, Linux, Rabbitmq, sql

email: rokas.lakstauskas@gmail.com linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rokas-lakstauskas/

Seeking Work | Remote | Data Analyst

email: nothingcomeseasy@protonmail.com

2+ years working with data analysis, google bigquery sql, firebase data, postgresql, google data studio, python, pandas, google cloud function, google cloud run, etc.

I can perform some ML as well - not a specialist - (had experience with sklearn, prophet, gaussian mixture models) for recommendation systems, clustering, forecasting etc

SEEKING WORK | Sweden | Remote

Technologies: C++, PHP, JavaScript, SQL

Résumé/CV: Available upon request.

Email: hn@mikaelsimonsson.com

GitHub: https://github.com/msimonsson

Software developer with 7+ years of modern C++ experience and 10+ years of PHP experience. Delivers reliable, maintainable software, looking to build long-term work relationships.


Senior full-stack JavaScript-focused engineer with a focus in single page apps, UI/UX, web games (three.js, etc) and crypto/web3. Fast-paced learner, capable Linux sysadmin. Wearer of many hats.

Looking for interesting and fun problems to solve!

  GitHub: https://github.com/soulofmischief
  email: hello @ bad-software dot com

SEEKING WORK | California |

Hello HN! We are a video/photo production company based in the SF Bay Area, however we are willing to travel. Lately, we have been working with a lot of startups, creating media ranging from social content to pitch videos for investors and everything in between. Let us know how we can help you along your journey!



SEEKING WORK | New York, Los Angeles, Miami | Remote US, EU, LATAM | Product, Design, Development

The talent marketplace is broken.

The demand for designers & developers has never been higher. FAANGs are throwing insane offers at top talent. And all that’s left for many startups is scraps: boot camp grads & budget agencies.

That scarcity is not a new phenomenon. When I left Google in 2015 to start freelancing, I charged $300 an hour for design & development work.

Are they just that good?

The truth is, you're paying $300, not because they produce value at that rate, but because they're paying $3K in Brooklyn rent. Not because they're worth $250K+ a year, but because Google will pay them that without blinking an eye.

If you're going to compete, you need to find another way to scale your team than freelancers.

I'm James Knight, cofounder and Chief Nerd at No Nerds No Problem.

In 2021, we created Nerds-as-a-Service to help startups like yours scale with top-notch talent from across the globe. Since then, we’ve built a team of 20+ world-class Product, Design, and Development Nerds, blending onshore leadership with nearshore execution. A team that’s waiting to help you delight your customers with new features, blow through your growth targets, and impress your investors along the way.

Let's chat: calendly.com/nonerds

Email me: james@nonerds.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Europe, USA (EST)

Technologies: Android, Kotlin Multiplatform, Java, Jetpack Compose

Email: josip[at]zemberi.com

Website: https://zemberi.com

Android Developer with 10 years of experience. Skilled in building apps from scratch. Both on my own and in teams. Worked on top-rated apps with millions of active users.


Location: San Francisco Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Nope

Technologies: Javascript, nodejs, kubernetes, ci, testing, etc

Résumé/CV: On request

Email: charles@geuis.com

I built and maintain https://jsonip.com. Github projects are viewable at https://github.com/geuis.

SEEKING FREELANCER | Remote | Short-term Looking for someone who can help instrument a large-scale rails web app for distributed tracing. It will be a standalone project.

If you are interested, please drop me an email (outhn@proton.me) with your resume, some evidence of past experience on distributed tracing, and your availability. Thanks.


We are a small team of experienced engineers specializing in: IoT/edge, deep learning, and cloud projects. Our size gives us the flexibility to complete projects ranging from early stage proof-of-concepts to global deployments for fortune 50 clients.

Please reach out to discuss your project: info [at] elementservices.co


Location: Barcelona

Willing to relocate: Yes

iOS developer looking for new projects. Have experience with both Objective-C and Swift. http://nickpetrov.weebly.com/portfolio.html Feel free to get in touch at n26cnu22@duck.com for more info.

SEEKING WORK for the love of GOD! | My Location is prejudiced | I can work from your kitchen if you want

Full-Stack Website developer, I make websites and I want to make websites for you and get paid. my portfolio is at https://htmldavinci.com


Location: California. Remote: Yes.

I'm looking for someone who is interested in GPT, image generators, and other generative AI tools to make a lot of TikToks about them. You would need to be comfortable showing your face.

Email: thriving.research at the gmail domain

Include 'HN freelancer thread' and your name in the subject line.

SEEKING FREELANCER | Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, New York | Remote & onsite

Dozens of projects open currently with varying tech stacks, see the project list at https://witted.com/projects

SEEKING WORK | Yerevan, Armenia | Remote OK

   Technologies: PHP, JavaScript (web/nodejs), C++, Python, Java, LaTeX
   Résumé/CV: https://dryabov.github.io/
   Email: dryabov@yandex.ru
WordPress and Joomla! extensions developer.


Location: Global (USA based)

Remote: Yes

Technologies: Ruby, Javascript, Go, Rust

Website: https://breezysail.com

Email: ahoy@breezysail.com

Looking for clients with capacity for contract/part-time work (20-30 hours per week). Send me a message, let's chat!

SEEKING WORK | U.S. timezone | Remote

Technologies: Java/J2EE, Spring Boots, Struts, Python, NodeJS. JavaScript, Angular, React.

Location: SF Bay area, CA

Experience: 5+ years experience. Last role: building enterprise software in the banking and finance domain. Past 1+ year as freelancer.

email: bv102018@gmail.com


We are a small Javascript development team, specialized in ReactJS and React Native technologies.

Tech Stack: ReactJS, NextJS, React Native, Ruby on Rails.

- Email: hola@alamedadev.com

- Web: https://alamedadev.com


Staff level Ruby on Rails Engineer with over fifteen years of production Rails experience at Apple, Intuit, and successfully acquired startups. Currently looking for contract/freelance work. Can travel if needed.

Available to start next week.

Email in HN profile.

Thanks <3

SEEKING WORK Location: Toronto, Canada Remote: Yes

Skillset: Data Analytics, Optimization, business operations

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, SQL, VBA, R

Résumé/CV: On request

Email: edimaudo@gmail.com

Github: https://github.com/edimaudo


Location: Chicago / REMOTE

Recently been cross-training in UI/UX design in Figma. Engineer with 20+ years experience building applications.

Available to contract at an entry-level price for small projects so I can build my portfolio.

Email: michael@chisari.us

SEEKING WORK | Indonesia | Remote

Willing to relocate: no

Technologies: Clojure/ClojureScript, React/Vue/Flutter, Laravel PHP

Résumé/CV: https://sawirstudio.com

Email: sawir.ricardo[at]gmail.com

Seeking Work: Remote | CTO level high impact engineer

Technologies: anything from integrated circuit testing, firmware reversing, video streaming, ML pipelines, DevOps, to CTO for government healthcare institutions and smaller startups


Open to Work :: Recruiting Engineers

Helped a friend (non-technical founder) hire his entire founding engineering team and built the interview loop. Happy to consult and help any non-technical founder.

hhiranan _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com

SEEKING FREELANCER | REMOTE | x86_64 Assembly for part-time contract work.

I need an Assembly expert to help me debug some floating point instructions.

If all goes well I expect this to take ~1 hour through a Zoom call.

Don't need this anymore. Resolved.


contact info?


Northern California, US | Remote or Onsite

    "I've been mentoring Jacob...he's ready for a full time position.”
        -Zach Wasserman, CTO, Fleet (https://bit.ly/3V39rPP)
Full stack developer available at low early-career rate – solid at what I do and always getting better.

Email: jacobshandling{at}icloud{dot}com

Résumé: https://bit.ly/3yzSXW7

Portfolio: https://dev.jakeshandling.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-shandling/

* Python, Django, JavaScript, React, Heroku, AWS S3

* Built https://soundseeker.app among other projects

* Perpetually improving


My name is Kolya, and I’m currently a senior at Harvard. Last year I began working on an app and I now have a fully-functioning prototype (developed by freelancers) that I am looking to launch on college campuses in January (at the start of the second semester). I am graduating a semester early (this December) so that I can allocate all of my time toward this startup in the spring. However, given that I am non-technical, I am looking for a committed technical co-founder to join the team for equity.

If you are interested and have the time, I would love to connect and chat!

Hello Kolya,

Thank you for offering, and congrats on the prototype and early graduation. I'm seeking paid work, in addition to or in place of whatever equity you can offer – if you think that's an option with your project I'd be glad to talk more.

My email is jacobshandling{at}icloud{dot}com, feel free to reach out.

Seeking work , aAlberta Canada - remote work only

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