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I am a bit conflicted here. On the one hand I hate VK because it has censorship, they provide tools to police to monitor conversations and crack down on people.

On the other, now that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are banned it leaves even less means of communication and spreading information inside Russia, as bad as VK was.

If only it was kicked out before Russia banned Facebook (it allowed hatespeach towards Russians) people might have migrated to Facebook or something, now there's going to be a void.

Well, VK Web version is just as functional as the app, so maybe not such a big hit.

Also, in Russia most people use Android, so Google Play ban would be more effective.

The app continue to work for everyone that has already installed it. And you can still redownload it from your purchased page. So it shouldn't be a major issue.

Use Matrix (I know it is not a replacement for social media). As constituents of a tyranny Russians should anyway.

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