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Ask HN: How to share a public Streamlit cloud app on HN
1 point by EniasCailliau 62 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Today I tried to share a public streamlit app [1] here on Hacker News. At first, the link correctly pointed to my app. After a few seconds the URL was replaced with https://share.streamlit.io/error.

It looks like HN replaced my url as inspecting the URL in the console revealed that the post no longer pointed to the original URL I submitted.

Anyone knows what is happening and if there is a way around it?

I saw a few HN posts sharing their streamlit app using a URL in the share.streamlit.io format but I have no idea how to create such a link.

[1] https://steamship-packages-podcast-analytics-demo--home-pk4y66.streamlitapp.com/

seems streamlit sends a redirect when connecting (at least that what I see when I try with curl), which the HN server follows, so you should either talk to streamlit to fix that or post something on your blog and link to streamlit from there.

Thanks! Looks like an alternative would be to create a webpage that includes the streamlit app in an iframe.

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