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on Nov 30, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite

If you were banned, I don't think we could respond to this. That is in contrast with jeremyckahn, whose comment was dead the moment he made it. I know I am defeating the purpose of stealth banning someone by pointing out jeremy's banning, but there is something a little sad about seeing his "Not sure what's up" in this thread.

If you didn't know already, there is a "showdead" option in your profile, so you too can view comments by banned people.

> When I post comments, they don't show up.

Checking your profile I see comments that you've made and that do show up, as well as people replying to you, and you replying to them.

So what do you mean by "comments don't show up"?

Once in a while on my mobile device I accidentally click the flag link. I wonder if other people have the same issue and if this affects people's status?

do that all the time too.

sometimes i bother to click unflag, others the article is nowhere to be found in a quick glance, so i just go on

Sounds like a confirmation on flag would be a good idea.

A few comments were not showing up as quickly as usual. They are there now.

You've got a visible comment from 3 minutes before this post. Had you made more today that are not visible?

The karma on comments is hidden, so there's no way for you to see that your comment upvotes aren't having an effect.

I don't know if there is any logic to subtly munge the visible karma on articles here; I know that Reddit does this, so upvotes there are not always immediately visible.

Was your last comment

" You had me right up until: > The "limited surface area" is all well and fine in JS, because there is no object inheritance in JavaScript reply "?

And did you have any comment in the 15 days before this?

No, you are in good standing.

If you can point to a specific comment that's not showing up, I can look into it. Karma scoring is more complex than just counting upvotes, so don't expect predictable results.

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