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Meta, Google learn the art of the quiet layoff (theregister.com)
25 points by rntn 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Why is it always that layoffs get reported but hires never? I mean, many of these companies have become bloated and it's probably time to lose some flab.

Google currently has 170,000 employees. What are 170,000 employees going to do at what's essentially a software company? My guess is that the company could lose much more than 10% of its workforce and probably be better off.

Surprised I have not seen "quiet firing" in print yet.

Because quiet quitting is a constructed propaganda term designed to villainize 'doing your job'?

It's usually called constructive dismissal.

also a function of becoming a middle aged company.... reorg after reorg after reorg

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