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Wasp (YC W21) is hiring eng to work on DSL for making web apps (compiler, webdev)
12 months ago | hide
Wasp-lang (https://wasp-lang.dev/) | Founding Engineer | Full-Time | Remote [GMT - 5, GMT + 3]

At Wasp, we are building a compiled, stack-agnostic DSL for implementing full stack web-apps, that interops with the existing stack (React & Node.js currently). Imagine Ruby on Rails as a language and not bound to the specific stack or architecture. The compiler is implemented in Haskell.

Our team is remote, with engineers currently located both in US and Croatia.

Job link with more details: https://www.notion.so/wasp-lang/Founding-Engineer-at-Wasp-88...

If this sounds interesting, please reach out founders [at] wasp-lang [dot] com.

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