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Migration came to Early Medieval England, study finds (medievalists.net)
15 points by BerislavLopac 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I guess the “study finds” part of this article is about the specific numbers of migrants and the evidence being used to calculate them. I don’t think it’s news that there was a huge amount of European migration to the British isles from Roman times on.

Tangential, but wasn’t the entire male population of the UK killed and taken over by the Indo-Europeans 3000 years ago around the same time as they showed up in India?

Can you share a good source for that “entire male population of UK killed” part?


There’s an accompanying paper as well. It’s mostly about India but he does go into the branch of indo europeans that went off into Europe as well.

Something along the lines of 90% of the male population was killed off in Eastern Europe, Germany, and most Northern European places. It was something like 75% of the male population killed off in Italy, Spain etc.

Thank you

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