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That is good to know. But I looked this up and what I've found is Jonathan Corbet saying in 2010 that "occasional" posting of subscriber links is fine.[1]

I am not Jonathan Corbet so I don't know what he considers occasional. But this is the fourth LWN subscriber link posted in the past 7 days, and the eighth in the past 14 days.[2]

For reference, LWN currently lists 10 paywalled posts, the oldest from 13 days ago.[3] Those posted on HN are nearly every paywalled article that they have.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1966033

[2] https://hn.algolia.com/?dateEnd=1663790400&dateRange=custom&...

[3] https://lwn.net/

Agreed, the number of subscriber links is kind of high. If it still gets them extra subscribers, then probably its ok. I guess they are monitoring the numbers on that.

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