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Have a look at Xtend (http://xtend-lang.org). It's exactly what the yammer guy is looking for: convenience of Scala (closures, type inference, and more) without the complexity.

And it compiles to Java source code, which makes it an ideal language for Android development.

If you are the real Sven then kudos for signing your name to this comment but I think it looks a bit opportunistic of you to pile on in this context with a recommendation for your language. No language is perfect and xtend itself hasn't even been used in anger yet.

Yes, I was recommending it as an answer to the Android question. I should have left out the bit about the "Yammer guy". I like Scala btw.

It looks interesting, actually. I may give it a try, along with haXe's Java backend (if/when it gets released).

Yet another language obsolete after Java 8. That's exactly what people need.

You never know.

It's like the Kentucky Derby. There's the big 4, scala, clojure, JRuby and groovy, all nice languages. Then there's the little 5: kotlin, ceylon, gosu, fantom, Xtend. Gosu and fantom are worth trying, I just haven't got around to it..

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