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Ask HN: Who do I improve my build skills?
5 points by pedrodelfino 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
I started my journey with programming as a hobbyist almost 10 years ago. After 3 years as a hobbyist, I started my Applied Math undergraduate studies. Until this point, I did not have build problems or struggles in general, since the projects/scripts were "simple" in terms of dependencies and I was basically working on them alone.

On the last 2.5 years, I have professionally worked on Desktop projects (Common Lisp ecosystem) and now I am working on a dynamic web application (Clojure/ClojureScript ecosystem).

On this professional phase, I have struggled with build errors. They feel a bit random and different from debugging errors while developing. I miss Common Lisp ecosystem... In ClojureScript I interact with NPM and multiple hassles have emerged.

The skills to solve build problems feel like "a skill they do not teach in college" (this can be even worse considering I did something close to CS, but not CS itself).

I would like to improve on the skill/skills related to build. I am also aware that practice teaches a lot and I have already learnt a few things while struggling with the current projects and "trying to survive".

But, I would like to improve in a structured manner.

Would you recommend some material? A book? A course? A side-project that would teach the low level of build processes?

Turn on verbose logging of build tools, remove all dependencies and add one by one, automate your builds and detect/report failures. Use virtual machines or containers to isolate dependencies and build in a clean environment. Take some DevOps courses.

Thank you. Would you suggest a specific course?

I am thinking about this one from UC Davis in Coursera:

https://www.coursera.org/learn/devops-culture-and-mindset (title feels a bit BS)


I think you mean How not Who.

The way i go in these circumstances is to check documentation directly from the tool developer. Most of the times that works out successfully.

Thanks. The project I am working on is a bit chaotic... Like start-up increasing the Engineering Team... Not in the early days anymore, but documentation still feels like it is the early days.

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