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I see it as an experiment in thinking about leverage. If you minimized all the corporate office bullshit, leveraged your work to the max, AND worked hard on top of that, how much could you earn? The baseline becomes your work earnings WITH corp-bullshit, poor leverage, and lackluster effort, and then he extrapolates from that.

Leverage analogy: think schwerpunkt in blitzkrieg. If you amass all your tanks on one sector of the front and crush the opposing line there, then you will have more of an impact than if you spread the same force out over a wider area.

I am not getting. You are going to end up being average in a large corporate. Your chances of succeeding in a start up are only 10%.

There doesn't seem to be an easy way out of this career problem.

There seems to be a problem with whatever you will do.

Is that 10% for "anyone who starts a startup" or is that 10% for me?

I imagine the success chance would go up quite a bit if one does basic things like being persistant and reading up on the wisdom of others.

I think it applies to you as well. You are taking a risk(settling down on a lower monthly salary and time) which you had no real need to. If the start up flops you end up loosing money and time.

If this happens with 2 or 3 start ups you would have lost a lot of money and time.

hm.. and I guess, if you're running in the wrong direction, you'll get there faster..

not sure if that's good or bad

Yeah if you amass your forces in the wrong place you will get slapped around like a cheap toy. Kursk salient.

Somewhere in here lies a differential equation that includes the probability of destination being the right one and distance to it to evaluate that.

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