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Ask HN: Is pandemic pet adoption real impedance to ending WFH?
2 points by retcore 15 days ago | hide | past | favorite
Is there any way to discover reliable statistics on geographic areas?

I'm presently a stone's throw from Victoria Park in the East End of London where the universe of four breeds all the similar young age, has been the delight that finally banished my life long aversion to the company's of dogs.

But it is unlikely that My companies can recruit exclusively from the catchment of Victoria Park.

However what I'm trying to achieve is a way of putting pet care up front before you interviews is even pre screened, because if it's legal to do nice and possible favourable things for pet owners and not influence the process, we really want to start talking about possible daytime dog care solutions way before interviewing for learning about the bilateral effects.

I've never kept any pet mammal, absolutely arguing for a artificially cold heart against pet responsibility become I believe that I'd be deeply affected by the absence of my pet. (Just being recognized annually by the working Border Collie of my uncle's neighbour, broke me down every six months I visiting.

Can anyone suggests even just approaches to talking with owners who are also simultaneously potential candidates, about how our company wants to find a sustainable solution that is ruling out nothing whatsoever right now, down to adapting certain working environment parameters such as renting a residential house and garden together with professional walkers/ canine carers so that every dog is plenty visible?

Obviously canine population is exploded with ~2yrs old dogs who are still very much young and learning and I'm seeing many breeds which I used to appreciate for being "high maintenance" (which for older generation owners I'm suspicious used to be code for "I had to pay for a vet check up" such is my despair over abuse stories.

Oh dammit, can I instead just ask your guidance for this so I can try and contain my potentially runaway emotions over dogs and avoid messing up the daily chores?

Oh, one more thing please? I just had enter my mind the option of laying on rides to work so dogs are never ignored because public chaos. This could become ridiculous in London especially for journey timing. But how would a offer to provide and install high security access control for collecting your dog and bringing them to work just later than you'll make it in? Thinking vestibule hall double doors not any full access to any domicile.

Please can I beg more to hear about the nature and canine - human aspects of your experiences with any solutions? I am thinking that possible outcomes may make it well worth going to seemingly ridiculous lengths to accommodate a dogs if, beyond the classic indentured canine servant gig.

Please forgive me if I have asked anything dumb. I literally experienced my Damascene conversion moment about this over this summer. Fully ready to dump on that past me to get beyond anything that causes doggie distress during the working day. (I'd have totally puked immediately after saying this in my former reality, ouch..) Thanks in advance for anything you can tell about.

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