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Excellent contribution... Ugh, this is why I don't mind if HN is listed on Google or not.

So which part is laughable? The part where they're able to crawl the vast expanses of the web and return relevant results for the majority of their users? Or is it the part where they came out of nowhere to dominate search because they did it better than the rest?

Come on now, you can't be all things to all people. Google is far from perfect but for a lot of us it's much closer to perfect than the competition and they're constantly trying to improve it. Why don't you go ask Matt Cutts to fix whichever parts of it you think are laughable to your liking? He's been hanging around here and he doesn't seem shy about answering people's questions and concerns. I do doubt he'd give the time of day to a one sentence remark that adds nothing of value whatsoever to the larger discussion or any of it's offshoots.

No, the part where instead of getting better, Google search keeps getting worse. The verbatim mode is finally there but much of the time when it mucks with my search terms it's wrong. The UI is also cluttered. They are doing a lot of things that do nothing to improve the quality of the search, so when I want to learn something, I often skip Google and go straight to Stack Overflow or Wikipedia. I did jump the gun on this issue, though...turns out some googlebot blocking was involved.

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