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To be fair, engineers can get together, come up with an idea, and sell their product.

But I do agree with you about making liberal arts degrees cheaper. No one should get themselves into debt studying anthropology, for example.

Are you saying that liberal arts majors can't be entrepreneurial? It takes more than engineering prowess to make a successful product. Also, although science and engineering degrees do hold the promise of a higher-paying job after graduation, that is small comfort to the engineering student who finds himself struggling with a problem set late into the night while his friends are out partying.

As for going into debt. If you choose to take out student loans in order to study anthropology and find yourself in debt as a result, that was your own mistake, and you are ultimately responsible for it. Let's stop saying that it's "unfair" to not protect people from their own mistakes. Lowering the cost of liberal arts degrees will only lead to a greater surplus than what we have today.

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