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I've wondered how necessary it is for colleges to force a $50k tuition on students. Where does the money actually go? I'm skeptical. The administration at university just seems like one big, disgusting fraud.

I was curious too, so I dug around and found this report from the Delta Cost Project, a nonprofit that studies this question (for US universities): http://deltacostproject.org/resources/pdf/trendsissuehighlig...

That is just the summary, there is a more complete report available too. The high points for me was that employee compensation accounts for 60-70% of costs, with increases there being driven by benefits (I assume this means health insurance costs rising), and that only 30-40% of that 60-70 is spent on instructional staff.

I attend CUNY Baruch in NYC. It is known for providing an excellent liberal art and business education in it's Zicklin school of business. The cost to students is about 5500 a year, and the city supplies another 11,000 or so a year per student. That's $16,500 total cost per student per year (not semester) for an excellent education, and this also funds research, buildings (in NYC, no less), and more. And many students receive large amounts of financial aid.

It is entirely possible for a school to give an excellent education for an order of magnitude less than the large schools do, and this is evidence to me that most schools are horrendously inefficient.

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