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From the piece:

Chinese have questioned whether someone like Apple founder Steve Jobs could ever emerge from an education system that seeks to push down students who stand out from the crowd.

Do they not realize Jobs was a dropout??

This is my favorite quote:

"Many university professors in China are unhappy with the Ministry of Education’s move"

The author goes on to make a weak argument about demand in distant future, but we all know which professors are upset, those that teach subjects which do not generate jobs for their students. (Most likely they are there teaching because they themselves couldn't get jobs in their field)

*I realize that this is a harsh view, but it is worth mentioning even though it is a little extreme.

Sounds like they're looking for a system where the Steve Jobs' of the world have what they need in school to become successful. There are probably a lot of Steve Jobs' who do drop out, but going through years of college drained their enthusiasm.

What Jobs needed to become successful was to drop out, start a company, get kicked out of said company, hit bottom, and wander around in India for awhile. None of that requires a degree.

Woz also lacked any sort of degree when he worked for HP and Apple. He only went back for his BSEE after he'd already made his mark.

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